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US Applauds Ruto for Enacting Long-Awaited NGO Law

US Applauds Ruto for Enacting Long-Awaited NGO Law

The United States Department of State, through its African Bureau, commended President William Ruto on Monday for implementing the 2013 Public Benefits Organization Act.

In a statement, the bureau highlighted that the new Act, effective from Tuesday, May 14, provides a solid framework for civil societies in Kenya.

“President William Ruto’s decision to operationalize the 2013 Public Benefits Organization Act before his State Visit is a welcome move,” the bureau stated.

“The Act establishes a robust framework for Kenya’s dynamic civil society to self-regulate and emphasizes our shared democratic values.”

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki officially enacted the Act, which had been inactive since 2013, on Friday, May 9.

In a corresponding statement, the CS detailed that the Act introduces a comprehensive, consolidated, predictable, and transparent system for registering and regulating civil society organizations in Kenya.


“The Act speeds up their registration process, minimizes arbitrary administrative decisions in the registration of PBOs (Public Benefits Organisations), eliminates opportunities for capriciousness, and provides various tax and other benefits for registered PBOs.

“An inclusive, participatory, and open society benefits Kenya. It strengthens our democratic credentials and supports our values of transparent governance.”

He further mentioned that the enactment of the law, developed in 2013 after then-President Uhuru Kenyatta assumed office, was part of the Kenya Kwanza Administration’s pre-election commitments.

The Ruto administration had promised to promote inclusive and participatory governance, enhance accountability, and embrace alternative or critical perspectives.

The new law will support the establishment of the Public Benefits Organisation Authority (PBOA), a regulatory body responsible for overseeing the registration, monitoring, and regulation of PBOs.

The authority’s board will include stakeholders from various government ministries.

US Applauds Ruto for Enacting Long-Awaited NGO Law