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Uncomfortable Return for Greenwood at Man United

Uncomfortable Return for Greenwood at Man United

Mason Greenwood’s potential return to Manchester United Women reportedly does not sit well with the team.

In October 2022, Greenwood was charged with one count of attempted rape, one count of controlling and coercive conduct, and one count of assault resulting in serious bodily injury.

However, earlier in February it was announced that the charges against him would be dropped, with the Crown Prosecution Service citing the emergence of new evidence that made conviction no longer a reasonable expectation.

Greenwood, who has scored 35 goals in 129 games for United since making his debut in March 2019, was suspended on January 30, 2018, shortly after his arrest by Greater Manchester Police.

And the Athletic reports that some women’s team players are “extremely uneasy” about the possibility of the player returning to the men’s team.

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The men’s team is also reportedly uneasy with the prospect of the 21-year-return, old are fearing that it could derail their advancement.

Greenwood is technically eligible to play for United, as he has not been found guilty or innocent of the dropped charges.

However, it remains uncertain whether the player will return to the Red Devils, given that he was suspended with pay in January.

Since the charges were dropped, Greenwood has maintained Manchester United tags on his Instagram page, as well as links to his former sponsor Nike, who severed ties with him following his arrest.

Natalie Burrell, the founder of the Manchester United Women’s Supporters’ Club, has stated that she never wants to see Greenwood wear the iconic red shirt of Manchester United again.

Allowing the forward to rejoin the team, according to Burrell, would undo the work of organizations like Her Game Too, which promote female football participation.

Burrell stated to the Athletic, “I do not believe that he should play for Manchester United again.” It is one of the world’s largest clubs. They must make a statement, and allowing him to return would be the worst decision they could make.

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It would set back our club’s efforts with our women’s team and campaigns like Her Game Too, which seek to encourage women to play and watch football.

‘I do not want him back, and I’m confident they won’t bring him back, though I’m unsure if they will do so by selling him in the summer.

That would be a real statement, but I’d be surprised if they did. His contract runs until 2025 and includes an option for an additional year. If they simply sold him, it would also be a positive statement.

I simply do not wish to observe his training. I’d rather not see him in a (United) kit. I never want to see him return to Old Trafford.