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HomeNewsUN Urges Global Aid: Ksh 98B Needed for Haiti Crisis

UN Urges Global Aid: Ksh 98B Needed for Haiti Crisis

UN Urges Global Aid: Ksh 98B Needed for Haiti Crisis

The United Nations is currently seeking assistance in gathering Ksh98 billion (USD674 million) to provide aid to those affected by the ongoing conflict in Haiti.

Ulrika Richardson, a UN representative, stated that millions of individuals in that nation are still subjected to inhumane conditions.

“I’ve seen things here that I’ve never seen in my life,” that go beyond “your worst nightmare,” he told the press.

Richardson states that 5.5 million people require aid, with 40 percent of the population facing urgent food needs.

According to Newsday, an international media source, 314,000 people have been compelled to evacuate their residences.

Consequently, the United Nations called upon individuals worldwide who have goodwill to contribute funds to ease the hardship and provide nutritious meals for the residents of Haiti.

Gossipa2z.com previously stated that there was a surge in kidnappings and killings in the Caribbean nation. Experts suggested that the situation was deteriorating due to Kenya’s delay in dispatching 1,000 police officers.


More than 3,400 individuals have suffered fatalities, injuries, or abductions thus far. According to the Miami Herald, a U.S.-based media organization, January 2024 has been identified as the most turbulent month on record, impacting over 1,100 lives.

The information also indicated that a person loses their life every two hours, and 17 others sustain injuries daily.

“The already dire human rights situation has deteriorated even further, amid unrelenting and expanding gang violence, with disastrous consequences for Haitians. “Every day that passes, more casualties are being recorded,” United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk stated.

In October, President William Ruto proposed sending 1,000 Kenyan police officers to head a collaborative effort with various agencies to address the gangs that had seized control of 80 percent of the nation.

Ruto faced obstacles in his endeavors due to multiple court decisions declaring the deployment unconstitutional.

The most recent judgment issued by Justice Chacha Mwita last month highlighted that the National Security Council and the National Police Service (NPS) lack the authority to send officers beyond the country’s borders.

UN Urges Global Aid: Ksh 98B Needed for Haiti Crisis