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UN Agency to Relocate Staff From New York to Kenya

UN Agency to Relocate Staff From New York to Kenya

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has announced intentions to transfer some of its personnel from the United States to Kenya.

The organization headquartered in New York has indicated in its job postings that the relocations will be completed by the year 2025.

The Humanitarian Evaluation Specialist and the Director of Programme and Technical Division are among the prominent offices that will be moved to Nairobi.

“The position of the Director of the Programme and Technical Division is currently located at UNFPA Headquarters in New York, USA, and will be relocated to Nairobi, Kenya, with its incumbent, by 2025.

“A fully integrated Programme and Technical Division will be in place by August 2024 ahead of the physical move planned between March and September 2025,” the agency stated in its job adverts.

The UNFPA emphasized the necessity of this action, aiming to broaden its impact by reaching a larger audience and enhancing the accessibility of its services in countries where it is extensively engaged.


The organization’s main objective is to carry out a range of initiatives that center around sexual and reproductive health, operating within the framework of the United Nations.

Kenya, represented by Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei of the Foreign Affairs department, has embraced the decision, stating that it will enhance the country’s standing.

“Another piece of good news that demonstrates a strengthening of Nairobi as the multilateral capital of the Global South,” he stated.

Nevertheless, despite the government’s optimistic outlook, reports are suggesting that certain staff members harbor concerns regarding the proposed relocation.

Many employees express worries about the stability of their jobs, anticipating that some may have to choose to depart from the UN organization voluntarily before the relocation takes place.

“When we asked for an analysis, like share with us the analysis that made you come to this decision, why Nairobi out of other places, why that was decided? None was provided,” one of the staff told the international media house, Devex.

UN Agency to Relocate Staff From New York to Kenya