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HomeNewsUkraine War Anniversary: Putin's Rallying Cry and Chants of 'Russia, Russia'

Ukraine War Anniversary: Putin’s Rallying Cry and Chants of ‘Russia, Russia’

Ukraine War Anniversary: Putin’s Rallying Cry and Chants of ‘Russia, Russia’

Tens of thousands of people packed Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium to hear the Russian president speak at the “Glory to Defenders of the Fatherland” concert, where he praised the “heroic” Ukrainian troops fighting.

Putin arriving at the rally at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

Ukraine War Anniversary: Putin’s Rallying Cry and Chants of ‘Russia, Russia’. Before the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, roughly 200,000 people gathered in Moscow to hear Vladimir Putin speak at a pro-war rally.

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At the “Glory to Defenders of the Fatherland” concert held at the Luzhniki Stadium on Wednesday, massive crowds gathered in the capital as the Russian president took the stage.

Mr. Putin urged them to chant “Russia, Russia” as a show of support for the military personnel.

“They fight valiantly, courageously, and courageously. Mr. Putin told his audience, who waved red, blue, and white flags, “We are proud of them.”

“Today, the entire nation supports them,” he added.

Mr. Putin stated that he had just received an update on the situation in Ukraine from military leaders, telling the crowds, “When we are united, we have no equal.”

“To the unification of the Russian nation.”

His address was given on Thursday, the eve of a Russian holiday honoring those serving in the military.

In an earlier speech on Tuesday, Mr. Putin blamed the West for igniting the conflict in Ukraine while suspending Russia’s participation in a crucial nuclear pact.

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Mr. Putin stated that the West “let the genie out of the bottle” by initiating other conflicts in the decade preceding the war.

And he pledged that Moscow would “continue to achieve the goals” of what the Kremlin calls a “special military operation.”

However, US Vice President Joe Biden cautioned that his Russian counterpart had made a “huge error” by announcing he would withdraw from the New START nuclear accord.

He stated that he would defend “every inch of NATO” at the Warsaw summit of the Bucharest Nine.

Mr. Biden stated, “What is at stake is not just Ukraine, but freedom.”

“Things have changed drastically; we must ensure that they change back”

The UN office for human rights reports that more than 8,000 civilians were killed in the conflict as a result of Russia’s invasion.

Thousands more deaths are believed to have occurred.

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Meanwhile, the recent bombing has destroyed 95 educational institutions and damaged more than 1,000. Schools in some regions of Ukraine have been instructed to teach students remotely beginning Wednesday, as fears of shelling grow ahead of the first anniversary of the war on Friday.