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HomeNewsTwist as DCI Track How Saudi-Based Kenyan Woman Lost Ksh 300K

Twist as DCI Track How Saudi-Based Kenyan Woman Lost Ksh 300K

Twist as DCI Track How Saudi-Based Kenyan Woman Lost Ksh 300K

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has provided new information regarding the incident involving two of its officers from the Kasarani Police Station that was highlighted in a widely circulated social media video.

In the video, the person complaining alleged that the two officers deceived her into giving them Ksh50,000 while attempting to retrieve the Ksh300,000 she had lost in a mobile money transfer.

How it Happened 

As per the information provided in a police statement, the person filing the complaint sent a sum of Ksh413,000 to her sister residing in Kenya while she herself was in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, the recipient deposited the funds into a bank and was instructed to await a three-day processing period for the transaction.

The woman’s troubles began when her sister disclosed that she hadn’t received the money. This compelled her to revisit the bank, where she discovered that the funds had been mistakenly deposited into another mobile subscriber’s account.

“The bank tried to reverse the transaction but only managed to reverse Ksh171,000 while the balance of Ksh242,000 had already been withdrawn by the unintended recipient,” DCI revealed in their statement. 


Attempting to track her diligently earned funds, the woman traveled to Kenya. She filed a report on the issue at the Kasarani Police Station and was subsequently directed to the DCI Kasarani for additional steps.

“Two detectives were assigned the case where they launched investigations into, -Intentionally Withholding Payment Delivered Erroneously Contrary to Section 35 of Computer Misuse and Cyber Crime Act no. 5 of 2018-” the statement further explained. 

The Investigations 

After conducting inquiries, authorities located the individual believed to have received the funds in the Bande region near the Kenya-Tanzania border around Christmas in 2023.

“On January 13, 2024, the suspect was nabbed and booked at Inuka Police Station in Likoni. In compliance with the 24-hour rule within which a suspect must be arraigned before a magistrate, the suspect was released on a KSh22,000 cash bail but thereafter switched off his phone,” DCI further explained

Nevertheless, the individual was identified and apprehended on February 20, 2024. Subsequently, he appeared before the Makadara Law Courts on February 22, 2024, where he faced charges and was released on bail amounting to Ksh200,000.

The matter is slated to be brought up on June 18, 2024, and the hearing is planned for October 24, 2024.

Action on the Accused Officers

The DCI did not verify the accusations made against the officers who were alleged to have sought a bribe to assist the woman in recovering her funds.

Nevertheless, it committed to examining the allegations and releasing an initial report at a later time.

“Whereas the case is Pending Before Court (PBC), the alleged misconduct of the investigating officers will be investigated and appropriate action taken,” DCI stated. 

Twist as DCI Track How Saudi-Based Kenyan Woman Lost Ksh 300K