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TSC to promote 36,505 teachers

TSC to promote 36,505 teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has revealed that it is in the process of promoting 36,505 teachers to various grades. 

Most of the teachers will be moved from C2 to D5 grades within this financial year.

Speaking during the release of the 2023 Kenya Certificate of

Secondary Education results, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia revealed that of these vacancies, 17,914 will be primary school teachers while 18,591 will be post-primary teachers.

“Interviews for the primary school teachers were conducted in December 2023 while those for post-primary teachers are ongoing and will be concluded this month. I urge all those teachers who have been shortlisted for the interviews to ensure they attend and get interviewed at respective sub-county levels across the country. The commission promises to conduct an efficient and fair exercise that will ensure meritocracy in the promotions,” she said.

The TSC boss revealed that several vacancies at the principal level had arisen in 2024 as a result of teachers leaving through natural attrition, the establishment of new schools, or for other personal reasons, including medical reasons.

Settle down

“As a result, the commission has moved to fill 198 vacant positions in various schools in the country this year to ensure the normal running of institutions. I wish to urge affected principals to settle down quickly and ensure a smooth take-off of normal school programs this month, including the admission of Form One students that are scheduled to start on February 15, 2024,” she said.

 The Commission found that the introduction of the CBC in primary and junior schools has changed staffing patterns, resulting in a reduction in the number of classrooms. 

As a result, there has been a significant reduction in the need for teachers in primary schools, resulting in a surplus of 18,194 staff. 

The Commission plans to redeploy these teachers across schools to ensure a more balanced and reduced teacher-pupil ratio in all institutions.


“As a Commission, we continue reviewing our systems and staffing levels at both primary and post-primary levels to ensure that teachers are equitably distributed in institutions across the country. We take note, for example, that the implementation of the CBC in our primary and Junior Schools has shaken up the staffing levels. As a result, the number of classes in the primary school level has been reduced by two classes (Standard 7 and 8),” she said.

The TSC boss noted that similarly, the introduction of an extra class in 2024 (Grade 8) at the Junior School level has resulted in a deficit of 42,117 staff members at this grade.

“Ideally, the number of teachers required this year in Junior School is 99,045 against the current number of 56,928. It’s heartening to know, however, that the government is progressively funding the TSC for the recruitment of additional teachers until optimal levels are achieved. In the next financial year TSC has requested funds for an additional 20, 000 teachers,” she said

TSC to promote 36,505 teachers