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Top 10 Romance Films of 2009

Top 10 Romance Films of 2009. We’ve discovered that we’ve spent more money in the last year than we have in years on pricey cinema tickets. Now that these films will soon be available on DVD, we can’t wait to watch them once more, this time cuddled up on the couch with our favorite person. The Real Story Behind Date Movies

1. The Half-Blood Prince by Harry Potter

Every Harry Potter movie has been eagerly anticipated. We were finally rewarded with romance during the past year, with Ron and Hermione’s developing romance being the most anticipated. Also, if you’ve seen photos of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus, you’ll see that Harry Potter doesn’t look too awful too. Knowing this makes our hearts ache. that the finale of the series is almost here. We Want These 8 Harry Potter Relationship Tools

2.The Proposal,

Would you marry me, honey, like Ryan Reynolds, so I don’t have to go back to Canada? Could you work on emulating his ab muscles at the same time? Okthxbai.

3.Revenge of the Fallen: Transformers

The Proposal gave you your daily dose of romance. 

No, it’s time to savor the Transformers movie’s explosive action and swoon over Megan Fox.

4. Up

We cried throughout this film on several occasions. An elderly man who is satisfied to remain cranky and lament his late wife is the subject of this Pixar/Disney movie. When he does, however, decide to fulfill they are treated to a stunning animated exhibition along with a touching tale of love and redemption, all inspired by a shared fantasy the two of them once had to visit a vanished realm.

5. The Wife of a Time Traveler

After watching this movie, you’ll be happy that your man doesn’t go get popcorn and come back in a few days with a completely different appearance.

6. Unusual Behavior

Watch this with your main man if you need an excuse to keep him close (if he isn’t already cowering into your shoulder, of course). 

Paranormal Activity, hailed as the follow-up to The Blair Witch Project, is filmed to provide just the right amount of fright. 

You two will undoubtedly have a fantastic time. 

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7. Watchmen

Not only guys read comic books. And the fact that female viewers enjoy this comic-based movie is proof of it. Great writing and even better acting may be found in Watchmen, a story of superheroes gone wrong. 

It is not simply action-packed but also stylish and has a ton of sex appeal.

8. The Summer of 500 Days

quirky beauties Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who are both hard-core hipster crushes, endearingly highlight the challenges of trying to maintain a relationship. This film raises a variety of probing concerns about the nature of love, with its indie-precious soundtrack and musical-like dance motions. The Evolution Of An Unlikely Heartthrob: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

9. The Glorious Basterds

There is no epic, yet Inglorious Basterds is more than just an action-packed dream of Jewish vengeance. It lacks the blatant violence of Quentin Tarantino. We shouldn’t ignore the presence of some incredibly attractive males in the cast, such as Brad Pitt (in yet another funny role) and a toned-up Eli Roth. (And the chest hair on Eli Roth.) Would You Wed Into A Difficult Situation?

10. I Love You, Man 

With a bromance between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, two actors that everyone can openly admire, I Love You, Man delivers in spades if the two of you are seeking a light, mindless comedy. The 10 Cutest Guys Who Also Look Hot