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Those To Avoid Immediately Following A Breakup

Those To Avoid Immediately Following A Breakup. It’s normal to feel impetuous and bewildered throughout a breakup.
After all, the procedure involves a whirlwind of emotions.
Scrolling through your contact list and wanting to phone everyone you know to complain about your ex are both parts of that rollercoaster.
However, there are some persons you ought to refrain from contacting to safeguard your delicate emotional state and yourself during this trying period.

1.The adversary of your ex

A person who hates your ex

It can be very alluring to call that family member who had a vendetta against your ex or had forewarned you.
Nothing, after all, purifies the spirit like a good ex-bash, right?
Some therapists believe that’s incorrect and could lead to your feeling worse than you did before.
Even if they don’t condescendingly come at you, speaking toxic and negative things (to an excessive amount) won’t truly make you feel better in the long run. Being smacked with an “I told you so” might make things sting even more. You’re just thinking about someone who isn’t worthy of your attention any longer.
It’s okay to go through phases of anger, but try not to stew in it for our own sake. Additionally, excessive communication with these folks can taint a crucial period of introspection. If you don’t know for sure that all this individual will offer is support, wait until you’ve digested a little more before reaching out.

2.Your shared pals

You won’t be able to cut ties with all of your pals, but you should generally avoid any relationships with couples and friends who knew him before you.
Of course, things change if your friend supports you during the split.
Spending time with the friends you formerly shared might trigger painful memories, and if they communicate with your ex, it can further exacerbate the situation.
The reason you’re contacting a friend who is close to your ex is another issue you need to be honest about.
It’s not okay to use someone to gather information, spy on them, or damage their reputation by spreading negative rumors.
In addition to being poor manners after a breakup, it will just make you feel worse.
A common friend should not be asked to take a side, either.

3.Former partners of your ex

Yes, it might be alluring to contact your ex’s former lovers to learn more.
After all, you two probably have a deep hatred (or at least a general disdain) for the individual, and learning the reason why previous partnerships failed may make you feel like you’re receiving closure.
However, this won’t aid in your process of mending.
Yes, people might accuse your ex of being critical or overbearing, but your situation might not reflect the circumstances surrounding that particular breakup.
After all, a person’s ex might be their ideal mate for someone else.
Additionally, if these ex-lovers are still in love with the subject, they can be acting maliciously.
You should lean to your support system during this period rather than a total stranger because only they truly have your best interests at heart and won’t get competitive or envious.

4.One more ex

Simply put, put the past behind you.
Don’t rush to another ex just because you broke up with your first one.
Reaching out to a familiar face, a familiar body, and someone who already understands you could sound reassuring.
But talking about your ex is a bad idea; rather than helping you start the healing process, it will just make you turn back toward self-destruction.
Avoid the rebound and look for someone new to give you those butterflies. Both of these breakups failed for a reason.
Furthermore, avoid getting in touch with your ex after breaking up with them.
We advise not getting in touch with them for 90 days, even if you’re tempted, you formerly thought of them as your best friend, or you miss them.
Better than when you’re still so close to the breakup, this period of no contact will allow you to consider why you want to rekindle your relationship.

5.The locations that you used to visit together

Although this isn’t a real person, it contains all of your and your ex’s memories.
Instead of revisiting the old places where you used to go on dates or experience any firsts, it is advisable to discover new restaurants, museums, and entertainment options.
It’s preferable to make new memories.

So who should I confide in?


We advise speaking with a therapist, either an existing one you trust or a new one you locate through a referral or research, in addition to an understanding friend or wise relative.
Remember that the purpose of this confiding is not to conjure up as many negative attributes for your ex as you can.
It’s to gain insight and discover something new about oneself.

You don’t have to take any of this advice literally because every person’s circumstances are unique, but we do advise connecting with experts and loved ones who maintain an open heart and mind with an emphasis on objective advice.