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The World’s 10 Best Christmas Destinations

The World’s 10 Best Christmas Destinations. It’s enjoyable to spend Christmas at home with your family, but it may get a little monotonous. So why not visit one of these breathtaking locations and add some adventure to your life? We have what you desire, whether you want to party, go caroling in caverns, experience a tropical winter, or a winter covered in snow.

Finland’s Lapland

Even Finland, which is located just north of the Arctic Circle, is a spectacular place. Children can attend elf school, bake gingerbread cookies with Santa’s wife, and write the presents of their dreams with a traditional quill. A reindeer farm is also nearby, where you can essentially go reindeer sledding.


In Malta, a life-size nativity scene is shown each Christmas. 20,000 square meters of uncultivated land. You may step back in time to Judea 2,000 years ago with the help of more than 150 actors. There are crank mills, actual grazing animals, oil lamps, pubs, and artisan sections where you can learn traditional folklore and antiquated skills.

Iceland’s Reykjavik

It is impossible to imagine the northern lights with a city covered in snow and holiday lights. Don’t let it pass you by. The Yule Town Christmas market is a Christmas market made up of tiny, lovely huts.

Utah’s Ogden

The Christmas village in Ogden is a picture-perfect scene. It is one of the most well-known railroad stations in the United States, and each year, a family can visit 59 elf-sized houses with unique themes. The polar express is free to use, as it travels through a tunnel that glows in the dark and is decorated for the season.

New York

Consider spending your vacation in a city that never sleeps. View the impressive mega-tree at Rockefeller Center as well as the other Christmas stalls in the city’s diverse neighborhoods. A spectacular highlight on Fifth Avenue is the window displays. And the Radio City Christmas extravaganza featuring the stunning Rockettes!


Visit the magnificent Patnoire Du Bassin Bonsecours in Montreal to go ice skating for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Museum of Fine Art is hosting free concerts, numerous Christmas parades, and a performance of the Nutcracker by the Montreal Ballet where you can easily and at no cost cut down your tree!

China’s Hong Kong

Hong Kong is quite gorgeous, with decorated storefronts. decorated in wrapping paper, with joyous Christmas music playing nonstop, and with lights strung from skyscrapers. A truly bizarre event

USA: Boston

In the United States, at least, this is the closest you’re going to come to a traditional Christmas. The streets are illuminated by gas lamps, and Faneuil Hall’s enormous tree, which provides stiff competition for the Rockefeller tree, is magnificent as well.

In New Zealand

They are at their hottest around Christmastime! People frequently celebrate the occasion outside, with a backyard BBQ, in this gorgeous area (Lord of the Rings was filmed here). Additionally, you may trek in the breathtaking Kaikoura mountain range and explore the astonishingly diversified marine environment of New Zealand in Kaikoura Bay. Christmas in the Lord of the Rings summer? Does not increase the difference from that

England’s Castleton

This quaint stone English town is very charming, just like most of them. However, what sets it apart is the custom of candlelight carol singing inside caves, which is a striking and unforgettable experience.