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HomeNewsThe Cause of Edwin Chiloba's Brutal Murder

The Cause of Edwin Chiloba’s Brutal Murder

The Cause of Edwin Chiloba’s Brutal Murder.

The Cause of Edwin Chiloba’s Brutal Murder Is Finally Revealed Through Autopsy

Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo, also known as Edwin Chiloba, was a fashion designer and LGBTQ activist whose body was discovered stuffed in a metal box final week and suffocated to death, according to post-mortem outcomes.

After conducting the post-mortem at the past due Chiloba, the government pathologist told the media that the activist’s body had no bodily injuries.

Although additional tests can be performed to determine whether or not the previous Chiloba was drugged before being suffocated, Dr. Oduor believes he died from a lack of oxygen.

Dr. Oduor stated that they discovered three pairs of socks filled into the overdue Chiloba’s mouth, severing his air supply, and two denim pants covering his mouth and nostrils throughout the post-mortem.

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The authority’s pathologist also dismissed claims that the late activist’s eyes were gouged out throughout the heinous homicide.

The five, along with three minors, were arraigned at the Eldoret Law Courts on Monday, with the prosecution requesting that the suspects be detained for an additional 21 days to allow for further investigations.

Chiloba is believed to have been murdered at a rental in Chepkolel, Moiben, where he lived with Jackton Odhiambo, who is said to be his boyfriend.

Others being held include the primary suspect’s cousin, a friend, and a taxi driver who police believe assisted in the disposal of the style clothier’s frame.

The prosecution requested more time because a postmortem has yet to be performed, and the Toyota Fielder allegedly used to remove the frame, as well as the condominium, has no longer been subjected to forensic examination.

Odhiambo stated one day before his death that he and the deceased had visited a membership whose CCTV photos have yet to be examined.

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The deceased’s phone has yet to be recovered, and police say they are still looking for additional suspects who have yet to be apprehended.

As the homicide investigation progresses, US authorities have offered assistance to ensure that investigations are completed and perpetrators are brought to justice.

During a press conference on Tuesday, US Department of State spokesman Ned Price called the homicide a “last act of intolerance” and urged law enforcement to identify the suspects as soon as possible.