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Surprising Coffee Add-Ins

Surprising Coffee Add-Ins


Surprising Coffee Add-Ins. Put a candy cane in your coffee to swirl around the milk and sugar for a slightly seasonal drink that will also provide a delightful minty flavor. It will taste just like a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. Simply place a candy cane in your hot coffee to make this; there’s no need to get creative!


People frequently assume I’m nuts for putting this tea sweetener in my coffee, but it enhances the flavor and makes it even more delightful. It is far healthier than sugar and counteracts the acidity of coffee. The ideal mix is honey and soy milk, and if you do it iced; the thick substance at the bottom of the glass tastes exactly like caramel. It serves as a natural comfort food.


This is superior to a handmade mocha. Nutella can be used in place of the standard Hershey’s chocolate syrup for a sumptuous treat. Nutella still qualifies as a morning item someplace, right? A tablespoon or so adds a lot of flavor to your coffee while being rather healthful. For people who prefer sugary foods and find it disappointing that drinking hot chocolate for breakfast is not considered socially acceptable. Technically, you just created a hazelnut mocha because there are already hazelnuts in there.

Almond Butter

Ok. This may seem strange, but consider the following: Peanut butter and chocolate go great together (who doesn’t love Reese’s?) and is fantastic with coffee, especially in mochas. Therefore, peanut butter goes well with coffee. Make a handmade Reese’s cup latte by adding a little chocolate.Use only the smooth kind, please.

Coconut Milk

Bring a touch of the tropics to your coffee. The texture is so smooth and gives your coffee such a rich flavor that it almost has the consistency of creamer. It is not overpowering and is a far better choice than the synthetic coconut sweetener that a coffee establishment will add to your beverage. And it’s much healthier. There are numerous coconut milk creamers on the market as well! You may just substitute coconut oil for the milk if you’d rather use it.

Grassfed Butter

Another name for this product is “bulletproof coffee.” Your metabolism will increase as a result, helping you lose weight. Although it seems absurd, the Tibetans have been doing it for a long time. Your coffee will taste richer and be a fantastic energy booster for your body and mind. Even some people utilize it before marathons. If the remainder of your breakfast isn’t as substantial, this is a satisfying and healthy option to start you moving.

Egg, raw

But don’t worry, you don’t just crack an egg and put it in your hot cup of coffee; Scandinavians do this to clarify the coffee. Later on, your body can be angry with you. Before brewing the coffee, you can add an egg, or you can simply place some eggshells in the filter; it should work as intended. Your morning coffee will undoubtedly appreciate you for making it smoother and richer.

Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Less expensive than a pumpkin spice latte. Avoid limiting yourself to pumpkin. Add a variety of spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or even vanilla extract, to your coffee. To have a more energizing experience, add it in before brewing.

Pods of cardamom

This slice will give your beverage a hint of the Middle East and make it taste a little more unusual. It resembles a cross between coffee and tea, but with the incomparable kick that only chai can provide. It has therapeutic effects and is utilized in several Ayurvedic medicines, thus it also can reduce the jitters brought on by coffee. Pulverize and sprinkle in your cup with them.


The most delicious choice for this beverage is handmade caramel, so why waste money on a pricey, chemical-filled latte down the street? Avoid using syrups and instead splurge on some unforgettable indulgence by melting caramel candy or caramel spread into your coffee.