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Starlet Wahu’s Murder: Fresh Twist As Investigations Link Prime Suspect To Serial Killings

Starlet Wahu’s Murder: Fresh Twist As Investigations Link Prime Suspect To Serial Killings

The main individual suspected of being involved in the killing of 24-year-old Starlet Wahu Mwangi is currently being looked into for potential multiple murders, both within and beyond Nairobi, suggesting a possible pattern of serial killings.

This progression stems from another individual reporting a case at the Makadara sub-county police station. The report outlined an attempted homicide by John Ongoa Matara, the individual she encountered on a dating platform.

The direction of the investigations changed on Saturday when additional victims came forward to provide accounts of assaults and instances where their lives were endangered by the 30-year-old Matara.

One individual alleged that she became a target of the suspect on December 29 of the previous year, just a few days after their initial encounter on a dating platform.

In a disturbing narrative, the victim recounted her experience meeting Matara through a dating platform before renting an Airbnb. It was there that he instigated a brutal attack, coercing her to give him access to her financial accounts.

“I met this guy on a dating site…he seemed so nice and even took me to an Airbnb. In the middle of the night he started strangling me and even asked for my M-Pesa statements,” she said, adding; “He was trying to strangle me so much.”

Initial investigations by the police indicate that Matara could potentially be a serial murderer who is focusing on women by using online dating websites.

“He did bad things to me and asked for my accounts and asked me to transfer the money to him,” she added.

The anonymous victim positively identified Matara as the culprit following the news of Starlet Wahu’s murder, confirming that the person she had encountered matched the perpetrator.

“It is the same guy…the number posted by DCI is the same guy I can testify that I used to transfer money to him which is John Ongoa Mtara,” the victim narrated. 

The startling disclosures emerged following the burial of Wahu, who was killed at an Airbnb in Nairobi’s South B and laid to rest at her parents’ residence in the Kamulu region of Ruai.

She was buried just two days after her dead body was found on Thursday, following her arrival at the apartment on Wednesday night.

Footage from the Papino apartments’ video surveillance showed Wahu and Matara entering an elevator in the apartment building on Wednesday. They later exited on the fourth floor and went to the room they had supposedly booked for the night.

“Walibook apartment and at 4am hicho kisa kikatokea,” Makadara OCPD Judy Nyongesa said.

Law enforcement found the dead person’s inert body in a puddle of blood within the apartment subsequent to the Airbnb security alerting the authorities.

Matara allegedly quickly departed the area Thursday morning while dressed in attire stained with blood.


He was apprehended at Mbagathi hospital while seeking medical attention for a stab wound in his stomach that he seemingly self-inflicted. Law enforcement suspects that he harmed himself in an attempt to misguide the investigators.

A post-mortem examination conducted on the body of Wahu on Friday revealed that she died due to excessive bleeding caused by stabbing.

According to police reports, there were indications of a conflict between Wahu and the person who killed her, as the area was messy, disorderly, and filled with blood, suggesting a chaotic situation.

Authorities additionally found HIV testing materials, used protection, marijuana, a container of alcoholic drink, and a kitchen knife stained with blood, suspected to be the weapon used in the murder, at the location.

Starlet Wahu’s Murder: Fresh Twist As Investigations Link Prime Suspect To Serial Killings