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Sports Journalist Fred Arocho Quits Citizen TV After 4 Years

Sports Journalist Fred Arocho Quits Citizen TV After 4 Years

On Wednesday, March 6, sports reporter Fred Arocho revealed his exit from the sports show at Citizen TV.

Using social media, the experienced journalist shared with his followers that the moment had come to wrap up his time on the Sporty Monday show at the media company.

“It’s been 4 yrs of great moments at Citizen TV’s Sporty Monday Show. I truly enjoyed every bit of my stay,” he stated.

Arocho expressed gratitude to the Royal Media Services management for the opportunity to participate as a panelist on the sports show. Additionally, he extended special appreciation to Isaac Swila, the Head of RMS Sports Centre, acknowledging the memorable moments they shared while working together.

He chose not to reveal his upcoming undertaking, whether it pertained to the media sector or another field.

His fans were taken aback by the announcement, and many of them urged him to reveal his plans while expressing their best wishes for his upcoming endeavors.

Arocho responded to one of his fans when asked what his next direction was stating, “Directions soon.”

The reporter was one of the panel members who reviewed and discussed sports, particularly football, during the broadcast that took place every Monday between 8 am and 10 am.


In addition to his involvement in the show, Arocho serves as a sports presenter at Radio 47. Following a tenure of over 14 years at Radio Jambo, he made the transition to the Cape Media-owned station.

Arocho departed in 2023, citing an improved salary, prospects for professional advancement, and a distinct working atmosphere as reasons for accepting an offer from Radio 47.

“I was being paid well at Radio Jambo but Radio 47 increased the package and now it feels the efforts I have put in and the time I have been on radio are finally paying off,” he stated.

Arocho continues to be a part of the sports commentary division at Radio 47, collaborating with Hassan Mwana wa Ali. Additionally, he serves as the host for two sports programs on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Arocho is one of several media figures who have departed from Citizen TV, marking a notable trend.

In February, Chemutai Goin and Hassan Mugambi departed from the journalism team to take up positions in the office of the National Assembly Speaker and the Ministry of Defence, respectively.

Sports Journalist Fred Arocho Quits Citizen TV After 4 Years