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HomeNewsSnow Alert: Beast from the East Maps Reveal Exact UK Date

Snow Alert: Beast from the East Maps Reveal Exact UK Date

Snow Alert: Beast from the East Maps Reveal Exact UK Date

Weather forecasts indicate that snow may fall across the UK in the coming days, following predictions that a polar vortex will cause a deep freeze.

Brits are bracing for more cold weather this week, with reports of snow bombs similar to the Beast from the East on the way.

Freezing temperatures have persisted into the weekend, with the UK Health Security Agency extending a rare amber weather warning for cold weather for the fourth time yesterday.

The UKHSA also urged Brits to keep an eye out for vulnerable and elderly neighbors, as concerns grow for those who are still afraid or unable to turn on their heating due to rising energy costs.

And, according to WXCharts, there is a chance of snow falling across the UK in the coming days.

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The forecast predicts that snow will fall in northern parts of England 50 to 70 percent of the time on Tuesday and Wednesday, and in Scotland 80 to 95 percent of the time.

However, the likelihood of snow in the south is much lower, with areas seeing around a 20% chance.

It comes after British Weather Services’ Jim Dale stated that the outlook for February will be determined by how specific systems play out.

He stated: “Only stratospheric warming over the North Pole will keep us and the rest of the northern hemisphere in the doldrums until February. The ‘fat lady’ has not yet begun to sing.”

Previously, he said that a change in weather patterns was “looking likely at the start of December”.

At the time, he stated: “If this occurs, we will be in a classic position to receive a cold flow in from the east, bringing with it snow, ice, and very cold winds.

“This is an indication of a Beast from the East, and while it has not fully awakened, it is safe to say the beast’s eyes are opening.”

Forecasters at the Met Office say any talk of a deep freeze is premature, and no snow is expected in February.

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It states: “Changeable weather patterns are expected to bring heavy rain to the north and west. Some light rain or showers are expected in the south and east, interspersed with drier and brighter periods.”

WXCharts had predicted a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW), which occurs when the polar vortex weakens and air in the Arctic suddenly heats up, sending freezing air south.

“Computer models show an SSW is a possibility,” said Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin.

The weather service added in a blog post: “A sudden stratospheric warming is occurring, but it is minor.

“The warming is expected to peak around the end of January. The stratospheric polar vortex, or strong westerly winds high over the Arctic, has weakened and is partially collapsing.

“However, the polar vortex has been unusually strong this year, and while there has been a minor SSW, the winds are expected to rebound quickly, returning to normal for the time of year.”

It suggests that the impact of weather systems can take up to a week to emerge and have an impact on the weather in the UK.

Not all SSWs bring freezing temperatures and widespread snow to the UK.