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HomeNewsSixth Cop Dismissed: Tyre Nichols Death

Sixth Cop Dismissed: Tyre Nichols Death

Sixth Cop Dismissed: Tyre Nichols Death

According to the Memphis Police Department, a sixth officer involved in the events leading up to Tyre Nichols’ arrest has been fired.

Officer Preston Hemphill was found to have “violated multiple department policies,” including stun gun deployment rules, according to an internal police investigation.

Mr. Nichols, a 29-year-old father, died three days later in a hospital after being pulled over and beaten by police.

Five other officers have already been fired and charged with his death.

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Mr. Hemphill, who had been a member of the Memphis Police Department since 2018, was suspended while his role in Mr. Nichols’ arrest was investigated. That information, however, was not made public until Monday.

A police statement released on Friday said that as well as breaking rules relating to the deployment of a stun gun, Mr. Hemphill had broken rules of “personal conduct” and “truthfulness”.

Lee Gerald, a lawyer for Mr. Hemphill, told Reuters that “while we disagree with this termination, Preston Hemphill will continue to cooperate with all authorities in the investigation into Mr. Nichols’ death.”

Last week, Memphis police released a video of an officer using a Taser on Mr. Nichols after he was pulled from his car during a traffic stop.

Mr. Nichols managed to flee the scene before being apprehended and brutally beaten by officers.

Five officers, all of whom are black, have been charged with the murder of Mr. Nichols, who was also black.

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Three Memphis firefighters were also fired for failing to provide adequate medical care to Mr. Nichols at the scene.

A seventh officer has been suspended, but his identity has not been revealed.

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said in comments cited by Reuters that other police officers, emergency personnel, and others who prepared documentation of the incident could face criminal charges as well.

Tyre Nichols’ death sparked protests and reignited debate about police brutality in the United States.

His grieving family demanded justice and reform at his funeral earlier this week, which was attended by US Vice President Kamala Harris.