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HomeNewsRuto Reveals Genesis of Strained Relationship With CJ Koome's Judiciary

Ruto Reveals Genesis of Strained Relationship With CJ Koome’s Judiciary

Ruto Reveals Genesis of Strained Relationship With CJ Koome’s Judiciary

President William Ruto on Sunday, January 7, indicated that his fallout with the Judiciary was due to the suspension of the Affordable Housing Programme.

While speaking during a church service in AIC Sugutek, Soy Constituency in Uasin Gishu County, Ruto remarked that he would remain unbowed in delivering the program.

He stated that the program was meant to employ over one million youth but was being sabotaged by a few individuals in the legal field.

“I will stand firm in creating job opportunities. Few people who have jobs, rush to court to stop our projects,” the President complained.

“You pay lawyers and judges. Those who cannot afford to pay lawyers or bribe judges, I will stand with them. I am going to be their advocate.”

Ruto added that remaining quiet while the affordable housing program was being sabotaged would be absconding his constitutional duty.

He explained that although he did not want to fight anyone, he could not afford to see few people unite to derail other Kenyans.

“Let us avoid unnecessary negative competition there should be no competition between the Executive, Judiciary, or Legislature,” the President added.


Ruto remarked that a few people in the Judiciary were derailing the affordable housing program because they did not know the pain of being jobless.

Extending an olive branch to Chief Justice Martha Koome and his team, he requested for all arms of government to work together to move the country forward.

“We cannot move forward if there’s infighting and competition amongst us,’ he remarked.

The Head of State noted that there was negative competition between various constitutional offices which was detrimental to the development of Kenya.

On Wednesday, January 3, CJ Koome stated that the Judiciary would not be intimidated by the Executive in discharging its constitutional mandate.

He further warned the State of disobeying court orders noting that it fatally attacks the effectiveness of the legal system on which ordinary citizens rely to have their rights and legal duties enforced.

Housing units at the Bondeni Affordable Housing Project in Nakuru County on Monday, February 13, 2023

Ruto Reveals Genesis of Strained Relationship With CJ Koome’s Judiciary