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HomeNewsRuto Praises Former President Uhuru Kenyatta

Ruto Praises Former President Uhuru Kenyatta

Ruto Praises Former President Uhuru Kenyatta

President William Ruto commended former President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday for his endeavors in bringing together the leaders of the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) who were embroiled in leadership disputes.

Addressing the Centenary Celebrations of the Church in Kasarani last Sunday, the president remarked that Uhuru successfully brought together the leaders, a task he felt he couldn’t have managed on his own.

“We are here to celebrate the unity of the AIPCA Church, you all understand and we all know that in the past we had wrangles but through God’s grace today we stand here as a united Church”, explained the president.

The president explained that while serving as the Deputy President, he reached out to Uhuru for assistance after a church delegation approached him seeking help in resolving a dispute.

“When they approached me, I told them that uniting this church was above my capability and I leaned to Uhuru Kenyatta for help. I want to thank former President Uhuru because he played a huge role in getting us here,” stated the President.

Ruto acknowledged that he had connections with all factions of the conflicting church leaders and conceded to contributing somewhat to the disputes within the church.


“Samson Muthuri was our friend, Julius Njoroge and Frederick Wang’ombe were also our friends leading to us possibly fueling the conflict. When any of them invited us, we honored their invites,” stated the President.

As per the President’s statement, these friendships presented a challenge in resolving the conflict, prompting him to seek assistance from the former Head of State, who effectively mediated and brought together the church.

A century ago, the church that separated from the Roman Catholic Church primarily consisted of individuals who were once Mau Mau fighters and Africans disillusioned with the Catholic Church due to its association with colonialism.

Additionally, the disputes over leadership intensified in 2017 when Bishop Amos Kabuthu, who was stepping down, appointed Archbishop Fredrick Wang’ombe as the head of the church, despite the prior election of Archbishop Julius Njoroge Gitau.

As a result, Julius Njoroge Gitau departed from the church to establish his own group, AIPCK, which commanded the allegiance of more than 200 churches.

Nevertheless, after seventeen years of conflicts within the church leadership, a decision was made to conduct an election where every leader was required to acknowledge the results, thus bringing an end to the disagreement.

Ruto Praises Former President Uhuru Kenyatta