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‘Relieved, But Still A Long Way From Closure’: Family Of Monica Kimani Speaks After Court Ruling

‘Relieved, But Still A Long Way From Closure’: Family Of Monica Kimani Speaks After Court Ruling

The High Court’s verdict, declaring Joseph Irungu, also known as Jowie, guilty of the murder of Monica Kimani, has been embraced by the family of the deceased.

During an exclusive interview with Citizen TV, George Kimani, the brother of Monica, expressed a sense of relief following a five-year wait for justice.

“We’re relieved as a family that at least we’re coming to the final part of this long journey, because it has been a bit overwhelming, as a family we have gone through a lot,” he stated.

“We have waited for this judgment for long because it has been postponed over three times, so I was happy that we had to settle it today.”

George mentioned that even though their parents weren’t in the courtroom to hear the decision, he updated them afterward, and they were satisfied with the outcome.

He additionally stated that, even though the extended waiting period has concluded, some family members may still find it challenging to achieve closure. The prolonged and demanding nature of the process might require them to seek therapy for effective healing and progression.

“Sadly, he (father) wasn’t around but he was happy that we’re coming to the final stages of the case. Mum was also at home and we informed her later then went to see her and spent the whole afternoon at home,” stated George.


“The hearing was supposed to be on March 15, but we were told on Wednesday that it would be this Friday, and I think it was better to finish it up earlier because emotions were running up high and you know you need to give answers to family, friends and everyone wants to know what’s going on. The closure will take time, and some people will need to go for counseling because they were really affected by the matter.”

On Friday, the High Court delivered a verdict, declaring Jowie responsible for the homicide of Monica. She met a tragic end on the night of September 19, 2018, in her Lamuria Gardens residence in Nairobi.

Justice Grace Nzioka, presiding over the case, determined that the prosecution presented sufficient evidence, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that Jowie was responsible for the death of Monica.

Jacque Maribe, a former television news anchor who faced charges alongside Irungu, was ultimately cleared of the murder charge. The judge ruled that the prosecution had chosen an inappropriate charge of murder against her.

‘Relieved, But Still A Long Way From Closure’: Family Of Monica Kimani Speaks After Court Ruling