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Raila Reveals Details on Ruto Uganda Meeting

Raila Reveals Details on Ruto Uganda Meeting

Raila Odinga, the ex-Prime Minister, has spoken about his recent encounter with President William Ruto and Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, held on Monday, February 26.

Addressing the Homa Bay investment conference on Wednesday, Raila disclosed that he had intended to have a prior meeting with Museveni. He emphasized that discussions regarding the campaigns for the African Union Commission chairperson position were the primary focus of the agenda.

Nevertheless, he elaborated that President Ruto had additionally planned a trip to Uganda on that particular day, concentrating primarily on the recent complications in the importation of fuel.

He mentioned that with the presence of the pair, he seized the chance to request their backing for his candidacy.

The leaders of ODM also disclosed that Museveni expressed support for his candidacy and offered to be a key supporter in his campaign.


“I talked to both of them and they agreed to support me. Museveni agreed to support me and he even stated that he would be the one to propose my candidature,” he stated.

Further, Raila allayed any fears that Ruto would be trapping him with the support to get the AU job, adding that the opposition would not be boxed into any plan.

“I am available. Whenever I am called upon, I will answer. We are unbeatable ( not scared). We are unpangable (cannot be boxed into a plan),” he stated.

Raila commented on the reports indicating that he was the mastermind behind the Monday meeting, as suggested.

Several accounts indicated that the leader of the ODM (Orange Democratic Movement) aimed to broker a resolution between Ruto and Museveni regarding the disputed fuel importation agreement, as it could have had consequences for his candidacy.

Unverified accounts also claimed that the pair journeyed together utilizing the official presidential aircraft.

Raila Reveals Details on Ruto Uganda Meeting