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HomeNewsRaila: Ethical Hackers Uncover Truth About 2022 Elections

Raila: Ethical Hackers Uncover Truth About 2022 Elections

Raila: Ethical Hackers Uncover Truth About 2022 Elections

Odinga, the leader of Azimio La Umoja, asserts that he collaborated with ethical hackers to determine the truth about the last General Election, which he claims he won by more than 2,2 million votes.

Raila: Ethical Hackers Uncover Truth About 2022 Elections. The former prime minister stated in an interview with Ramogi TV on Monday that he would not comment on the election until he had all the facts.

He stated that he enlisted the assistance of ethical hackers from abroad to learn the truth about the recent elections.

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“I didn’t want to talk about the election results and outcomes because I could have been perceived as complaining a lot. I had to seek out ethical hackers to discover the truth,” Raila told Ramogi TV.

According to Raila, the hackers entered the country with their equipment, but their movements were monitored for a month, forcing them to work outside of Nairobi.

“We imported them from abroad, and they brought their equipment. They had to travel to Athi River, Kajiado, and even Kiambu because they were being followed for approximately one month.” Odinga added.

The leader of the ODM, who has demanded that Kenya’s electoral body, the IEBC, open its servers for inspection, continued by stating that ethical hackers provided them with information about the elections that they had concealed.

“These revelations occurred while I was in South Africa, so I promised my supporters I would address them upon my return to the United States. It was clear that Ruto did not win the last general election fairly.” Raila added.

Mr. Ruto received 5.9 million, while Mr. Azimio received 8.1 million. We won the last election by a margin of 2.2 million votes.”