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HomeNewsRaila Calls for Removal of 2 Ruto-Appointed State Officials

Raila Calls for Removal of 2 Ruto-Appointed State Officials

Raila Calls for Removal of 2 Ruto-Appointed State Officials

On Wednesday, April 3, Raila Odinga, the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party, called for the State-appointed officers overseeing United Democratic Alliance (UDA) elections to step down.

During a press conference convened in Nairobi, the leader of the party raised concerns about the appointment of public officials for involvement in party politics instead of focusing on serving the Kenyan populace as their primary duty.

The statement delivered by party Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna on behalf of Raila cautioned that the nation is at risk of returning to a time when the ruling party acted without restraint, disregarding the nation’s welfare.

The party specifically voiced its disapproval of state officials taking a leading position in national politics.

“We are staring at the return of the Party-State system last seen in the 1980s where party leaders and public servants were the same thing. What followed was a youth wing with watchdog or surveillance responsibilities over the entire nation,” the statement read in part.

“We take the position that this development is wrong. It is a recipe for chaos dictatorship and partisanship in the management of public affairs. Consequently, we demand that all those people who have been named as UDA officials must immediately resign from public service. There is no way they will serve two masters, the public and the party.


Furthermore, Raila demanded the departure of officials from the Ministry of Agriculture due to their involvement in the counterfeit fertilizer controversy, which has endangered the nation’s economy.

“We therefore reiterate that heads must roll. Officers at the Ministry of Agriculture, NCPB who have direct responsibility for fertilizer, seeds, and certification must immediately quit their positions and pave the way for proper investigations.

“Those found guilty must be charged with sabotage and organized criminal activity.”

The party additionally asserted that UDA was instrumental in financing petitions aimed at obstructing the adoption of the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report.

“The meeting further noted with concern what appears to be coordinated attempts to derail the implementation of the NADCO report. It is becoming apparent that some if not all of these court cases are state-sponsored,” Sifuna remarked.

“If indeed elements in the regime are having second thoughts regarding proposals they signed onto of their own volition, they should come out clearly to say so instead of sponsoring these cases.”

Raila Calls for Removal of 2 Ruto-Appointed State Officials