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HomeNewsProbe As Dismembered Body Of Woman Discovered In Roysambu Airbnb(Video)

Probe As Dismembered Body Of Woman Discovered In Roysambu Airbnb(Video)

Probe As Dismembered Body Of Woman Discovered In Roysambu Airbnb

Nairobi police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman whose body was discovered inside an AirBnB in Roysambu.

Residents told the media that a man who had booked a room with the woman returned the key early on Sunday morning before disappearing.

According to Risper Muthoni, the Airbnb manager, the suspect who is still at large rented out the room on Saturday at 3 p.m. 

According to Muthoni, once a customer pays for the house, they are given a key and are not disturbed until it is time to check out. 

Muthoni claims that the Airbnb’s caretaker called her on Sunday and informed her that there were suspicious-looking polythene bags outside the stairs, as well as a blood-soaked white bed sheet

“He told me there were blood stains that were leading to my house,” Muthoni said. 

After knocking on the door severally without an answer, Muthoni said they managed to open it since the door had not been locked. 

Although she did not reveal the suspect’s identity to the media, she stated that she had given police everything, including CCTV footage of where he picked up the key. 

“Nyumba haina CCTV lakini mahali kwa duka alienda kuchukua funguo iko na CCTV, we have tried to call him but simu yake ni mteja,” she added. 

Meanwhile, Kasarani Divisional Criminal Investigations boss Jimmy Kimari, who was among the security agencies that arrived at the scene of the incident, warned of a crackdown on any operator who did not have security cameras installed. 


He also urged the Airbnb operators to capture details of guests who have rented out premises at all times. 

The discovery of the woman’s body comes barely a week after police arrested John Matara, a suspected serial offender believed to have killed socialite Starlet Wahu inside an Airbnb in ​​Nairobi’s South B area. 

Police discovered Wahu’s lifeless body in a pool of blood inside the flat after the Airbnb’s security reported the incident to authorities.

HIV test kits, used condoms, a bhang, a bottle of alcohol, and a blood-stained kitchen knife, believed to be the murder weapon, were recovered at the scene.

The police report further indicates that there were signs of a struggle between Wahu and her killer, as the scene appeared bloody, disarrayed, and chaotic.

Matara reportedly left the premises in a hurry on Thursday morning, wearing bloodstained clothes. 

He was apprehended at Mbagathi Hospital, where he was being treated for a stab wound to his stomach.

Wahu was buried on Saturday at her parents’ home in Ruai’s Kamulu area. 

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Sunday evening said investigations currently point to “a possible serial sexual offender who thrives on blackmail to his victims,” and who may be part of a criminal ring that targets women on dating sites and social media

Probe As Dismembered Body Of Woman Discovered In Roysambu Airbnb