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HomeNewsPolice Trace Kelvin Kang'ethe's Phone Signals to Machakos

Police Trace Kelvin Kang’ethe’s Phone Signals to Machakos

Police Trace Kelvin Kang’ethe’s Phone Signals to Machakos

A dedicated task force, comprised of multiple agencies, has been assembled to apprehend Kelvin Kang’ethe. He is the primary suspect in the November murder of Kenyan nurse Margaret Mbitu at a United States airport. Kang’ethe’s bold escape from Muthaiga Police Station had left investigators perplexed.

Authorities with knowledge of the situation informed the media on Thursday that they have tracked the signals of Kang’ethe’s phone to Machakos County and have limited the search to the Nairobi Metropolis region.

The specialized team aims to uncover Kang’ethe’s whereabouts by tracing his recent activities, identifying individuals he interacted with in the past 48 hours, and consulting locals for information about the suspect’s exact location.

The authorities will also strive to determine if there are any potential collaborators and ascertain the method by which he managed to escape from the police station to Machakos County.

Additionally, witnesses revealed information about Kang’ethe’s perplexing getaway, describing how he left the station’s entrance without restraints and disappeared into the flow of traffic.

As per a confectionery vendor situated just a short distance from Muthaiga Police Station, it is reported that the individual in question was apprehended by a vehicle following closely as he fled in the direction east of the station, heading towards the National Youth Service barracks, which are only a few meters away.

“I saw a man running barefoot yesterday. He wasn’t running that fast and two men were trailing him. There was also a car behind them and they disappeared into the traffic. We didn’t take it seriously so no one raised any alarm,” the vendor stated.


A different observer reported seeing a pair of individuals chasing the suspect—one wearing a police uniform, and the other dressed in civilian clothing. After some time, he observed that both individuals reversed their direction and returned to the police station.

“They should have told us to apprehend him because he wasn’t running that fast,” the witness explained.

“We thought that they were just joking with him. This place is full of people, including roadside vendors, matatu drivers, conductors, and the public. We would have arrested him had they told us to.”

The observer affirmed that, despite the police having directives permitting detectives to use firearms on a suspect attempting to evade lawful custody, no bullets were discharged during the pursuit.

There are speculations that Kang’ethe may have disappeared into a nearby forest situated to the east of the station.

After the occurrence, Adamson Bungei, the head of the Nairobi Police, directed the apprehension of four police officers who were on duty at the station during the escape, as well as the lawyer believed to be associated with the suspect.

They will attempt to understand the methods by which the suspect managed to leave the station during daylight hours.

Police Trace Kelvin Kang’ethe’s Phone Signals to Machakos