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HomeNewsPolice Fights & Shoots US Professor in Ngara

Police Fights & Shoots US Professor in Ngara

Police Fights & Shoots US Professor in Ngara

A professor originally from Kenya and now residing in the United States was wounded in Nairobi on Monday during a visit to the city. The incident occurred after a disagreement with a police officer in the Ngara area.

A person familiar with the situation informed PoliticalPulseChat that the entire incident began when a group of officers on patrol near the Globe Roundabout noticed multiple drivers using the incorrect lane of the road.

The source clarified that the officers approached the drivers to ascertain the reason behind their non-compliance with the law.

When given a task, the professor grew upset, got out of the vehicle, and engaged in a physical altercation with one of the officers.

In the midst of the altercation, a law enforcement officer fired his AK-47 rifle, hitting the professor in both legs.

After the event, the professor was quickly taken to Nairobi Hospital to receive medical care.


Authorities have initiated inquiries and plan to take the professor’s statement once he is released from the hospital.

The insider disclosed that a group of officers will be positioned at the hospital to gather additional details from the victim.

“He is in stable condition and police officers will record his statement to establish what transpired,” the source indicated. 

As per the National Police Service Act, law enforcement officers have authorization to employ firearms for two primary objectives.

This comprises the act of protecting oneself, someone else, or property in situations where there’s a potential for physical danger.

In 2013, the Act underwent changes that permitted officers to utilize their weapons for safeguarding property, even in situations where there isn’t a threat of physical harm to the officer or others.

Kenyan police officers during a routine patrol in Nairobi County in September 2022. 

Police Fights & Shoots US Professor in Ngara