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HomeNewsODM Says Dialogue Committee Report ‘Imperfect And Unfinished,’ But Supports It

ODM Says Dialogue Committee Report ‘Imperfect And Unfinished,’ But Supports It

ODM Says Dialogue Committee Report ‘Imperfect And Unfinished,’ But Supports It

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party now says it supports the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report, despite describing it as “imperfect and unfinished” as it is presently.

The political party headed by Raila Odinga, as stated by Secretary General Edwin Sifuna on Wednesday, proceeded to describe the report produced by a collaborative effort between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja One Kenya teams as “a positive beginning.”

Sifuna revealed that the report incorporated 18 out of 31 propositions put forward by the ODM party, amounting to approximately 58% of the final document.

“These included reduction of the ballooning travel budget, increasing of minimum shareable revenue to counties, and fast-tracking of legislation related to the war against corruption. This is a good start,” he stated.

He further mentioned that among the matters omitted from the NADCO report were the most crucial and pressing concerns, notably the cost of living.

Sifuna stated that the Kenya Kwanza team rejected Azimio’s suggestion to eliminate taxes on essential food items, return the turnover tax to the rates specified in the Finance Act of 2022, and entirely remove the controversial housing levy.

“These are the ‘imperfect and unfinished’ portions, and we owe a moral duty to Kenyans to keep the flames of the struggle alive until we are all free from the bondage of dictatorship,” noted the ODM SG.

“In the meantime and noting the significant gains from the process we as ODM and in line with the earlier resolution of the Azimio PG, support the NADCO report as is.”

The Nairobi Senator criticized President William Ruto for his recent series of criticisms aimed at the Judiciary, even though the same branch of government upheld his election victory.

He described President Ruto’s comments as a danger to the Judiciary but mentioned that he isn’t shocked considering the Head of State’s political background.

“Ruto attacks on the Judiciary with his presidency, having hinged much on a judgment that essentially makes it a ‘product’ of the courts, you would imagine that Ruto would have both the magnanimity and the good sense to extend goodwill, or at the very least, to leave constitutional organs to function without attempting to emasculate them,” said Sifuna.


“Recent utterances by Mr. Ruto, threatening the independence of the judiciary, however, will not surprise those who know and understand Rut, his history, and his politics. It is obviously in the interest of Mr. Ruto to have a weak judiciary, weak national institutions, and weak scrutiny of his regime. We are here to remind him that the judiciary remains the last line of defense for Kenyans, against his kakistocracy.”

Sifuna also suggested that the President’s frequent travels overseas in search of investors will not yield positive results if he continues to openly ignore or show disregard for the rule of law.

The Secretary General of ODM encouraged Kenyans to oppose what he described as Ruto’s efforts to bring the nation back to a dictatorial regime.

“The constitutional gains we have made as a country cannot be wiped away overnight on the whims of one individual. What’s worse is his failure to realize the damage his repeated unsubstantiated allegations against the Judiciary is doing to the image and standing of our Country in the Community of Kenyans” he said.

“As he burns taxpayer money jetting around the world purportedly seeking foreign investors, it’s lost on him what these grave allegations and his threats to disobey court orders do to the psyche of anyone thinking of investing here. Investors will not put their money where they know orders of a court will not be respected in the event of a dispute regarding their investment.”

Sifuna added: “We appeal to Kenyans to remain awake and alert against the return of dictatorship and greed that we had defeated in the past by our resilience and resolve as a nation.”

ODM Says Dialogue Committee Report ‘Imperfect And Unfinished,’ But Supports It