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HomeNewsMichael B Jordan's ROCKY ROMANCE

Michael B Jordan’s ROCKY ROMANCE

Michael B Jordan’s ROCKY ROMANCE

Michael B Jordan, star of Creed, is rumored to be secretly dating a British bikini pin-up model.

GossipA-Z has learned that Michael B Jordan, the sexiest man alive, has developed feelings for a British model.

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The Hollywood hunk, 35, is said to be “enamored” with bikini model Amber Jepson, 26.

Amber Jepson, 26.
Amber Jepson, 26.

Jordan, who co-starred in the Rocky spin-off Creed with Sylvester Stallone, has been spending more time here since acquiring a minority stake in Premier League club Bournemouth last year.

Amber has “turned his head,” according to friends, and the two have had numerous conversations.

Jordan has responded to some of her social media posts, and last week, Amber, who lives in Manchester, shared a screenshot of him liking an Instagram story and wrote, “Wifed off now.”

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She has expressed an interest in “seeing where the relationship can go” to friends.

“It’s early days, but Amber and Michael are really into each other,” a friend speculated.

“They make a handsome, adorable couple who are both financially self-sufficient. “Keep an eye on this.”

Jordan ended his 18-month relationship with model Lori Harvey, 26 — the daughter of US TV favorite Steve, 65 — last summer.

On New Year’s Eve, he was at the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth to watch his new team lose 2-0.

Jordan is the latest movie star to invest in football on this side of the Atlantic, following the purchase of Wrexham by Ryan Reynolds, 46, and Rob McElhenney, 45, in 2020.

Jordan and Lori split up because they were “completely heartbroken” and “still love each other,” according to a source.

Lori last shared a photo of them in March, when they attended a Vanity Fair Oscars party.

“Date night,” she captioned the photo.

Jordan, who has 19.4 million Instagram followers, posted a photo of Lori in a white dress a month ago and declared on his page, “I love her.”

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Lori had sparked pregnancy rumors in January 2021 by calling Jordan her “baby daddy”.

She added to the speculation by wearing a loose dress over her stomach.

Lori, who is now dating British actor Damson Idris, previously spoke out about her relationship with Jordan on US television.

“We just really balance each other,” she explained. I truly believe that when you know, you know. That, I believe, applies to our situation, and we have a great time together.