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Men’s Conference ni Vipindi, Ledama Says in Valentine’s Day Message

Men’s Conference ni Vipindi, Ledama Says in Valentine’s Day Message

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina currently asserts that the proposed Men’s conference is merely an attempt to gain attention without any substantial purpose.

On Wednesday, Ledama expressed that he falls into the group of individuals who present gifts to their significant others on Valentine’s Day.

He proceeded to extend his Valentine’s Day wishes to his wife and also to all women.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to all our women out there with my wife being number one… I belong to this club, not the Men’s conference hiyo ni vipindi!” he said.

He accompanied his comments with a brief video showcasing a bouquet that he had presented to his wife in celebration of the occasion.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a group of men in Kenya has orchestrated an event they’re referring to as a ‘Men’s conference.’

The first such gathering was held last year.

The previous week, journalist Stephen Letoo, who proclaimed himself the chairman of the Men’s Conference, announced plans to initiate a year-long road safety campaign on Valentine’s Day.

He mentioned that the initiative was being initiated due to the recognition that a greater number of males experience road accidents.


“A look at the NTSA annual report has left this movement in utter shock. The report disclosed that 3,609 people lost their lives in road accidents between January to October in 2023,” he said.

He mentioned that a significant number of casualties consisted of boda boda riders, integral members of the Men’s Conference Group.

“This calls for the involvement of all our men out there. Starting with our man in Chief President William Ruto,” he said.

Letoo announced that they will commence gathering contributions for reflective jackets until the night of Tuesday, just before Valentine’s Day.

He said the road safety campaign dabbed ‘Donate a Reflector Jacket and Help Our Men’ will be launched at Uhuru Gardens on Wednesday.

“On Valentine’s Day we intend to launch a year-long men’s conference road safety campaign targeting boda boda riders in all 47 counties with the support of our regional officials,” Letoo said.

Around 2000 boda boda riders are anticipated to attend the event, in addition to men from various other occupations, according to him.

Men’s Conference ni Vipindi, Ledama Says in Valentine’s Day Message