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HomeNewsManhunt Launched: Bus Driver Flees From NTSA Officers After Killing 15

Manhunt Launched: Bus Driver Flees From NTSA Officers After Killing 15

Manhunt Launched: Bus Driver Flees From NTSA Officers After Killing 15

On Tuesday, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) began probing an incident on the Nakuru Eldoret Highway where 15 lives were lost in an accident.

NTSA initiated a search for the bus driver who absconded after the early morning collision. They declared their collaboration with the police to locate the driver and guarantee his accountability by the law.

“The driver of the bus is currently at large, and all efforts are ongoing to apprehend him. An investigation has commenced to establish the full circumstances leading to this crash to inform prosecution and recommendations,” NTSA stated.

According to an official statement, the crash occurred due to the bus driver’s lack of adherence to lanes and risky overtaking, resulting in the collision with a 14-passenger matatu.

Moreover, NTSA declared that it has increased efforts in a recent enforcement campaign initiated the previous week to catch motorists who are violating traffic regulations as students return to school.

The NTSA issued a cautionary alert, indicating that drivers caught in violation would be subject to legal consequences. They advised drivers to exercise increased vigilance on the roads, particularly with students returning to school.


The nation awoke to somber news of an accident claiming the lives of 15 individuals, with several others suffering serious injuries. Those injured were promptly taken to nearby hospitals for specialized medical care.

“The authority takes this opportunity to condole with the families of the bereaved and wish a quick recovery to those injured,” read part of a statement.

Regrettably, this isn’t the sole incident documented on that particular highway. On New Year’s Eve, a horrifying accident involving a matatu resulted in the deaths of 8 individuals.

Five individuals perished in a tragic accident when a bus crashed into three vehicles on the Eldoret-Nakuru Highway at approximately 1:40 am last week.

In the meantime, according to NTSA data as of January 7, there were 508 reported victims of road accidents, with the largest group classified as severely injured (234), trailed by those with minor injuries (190), and fatalities (84).

Out of the 84 deaths, pedestrians suffered the highest toll, with motorcyclists, passengers, drivers, pillion passengers, and cyclists following in that order as the most affected groups.

A joint National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) – National Police Service (NPS) road safety enforcement exercise kicked off across the Country on December 1, 2023. 

Manhunt Launched: Bus Driver Flees From NTSA Officers After Killing 15