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Man, 45, Injured in Dispute Over Man City Vs Man U Match

Man, 45, Injured in Dispute Over Man City Vs Man U Match

Authorities in Kawangware are currently looking into an incident that occurred on Sunday, where a man sustained injuries following a dispute with a woman regarding an English Premier League match.

A granite stone struck the man, aged 45, on the head, causing him to bleed heavily, according to reports.

The event took place at halftime during the Sunday night match between Manchester United and Manchester City.

The pair are said to have had a difference of opinion regarding the result of the first half of the game.

Willy Njoroge, the individual in question, was swiftly taken to Sudi Medical Clinic, where he received initial medical assistance before being directed to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialized care.

The matter was reported at Muthangari Police Station on Sunday night.

Law enforcement has not verified the occurrence of an arrest in the matter, but the individual who suffered is presently undergoing medical care.


Elsewhere, four people were arrested on Sunday night in an operation aimed at curbing the sale and consumption of shisha products at a popular restaurant in Nairobi.

Authorities said they are committed to dismantling the networks facilitating the sale and distribution of shisha, which poses significant health risks to the citizens.

The operation also resulted in the confiscation of a substantial quantity of shisha paraphernalia, including 46 shisha bongs, assorted flavored tobacco, charcoal pipes, and a meticulous stock-taking counterbook used in inventory management.

The team had earlier arrested ten other people at two restaurants in the Eastlands area.

They were all expected in court to face charges. Nacada said they seized 78 shisha bongs and more than 200 assorted flavors.

The raid led to the seizure of 18 pots alongside assorted flavors at another joint in Eastlands in Nairobi where two persons were also arrested.

Man, 45, Injured in Dispute Over Man City Vs Man U Match