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HomeNewsKurt Caz, a YouTuber, surprised a Mitumba trader.

Kurt Caz, a YouTuber, surprised a Mitumba trader.

Kurt Caz, a YouTuber, surprised a Mitumba trader. Kurt Caz, a South African YouTuber, surprised his Kenyan guide and second-hand clothes trader at the Gikomba market by giving him $1,000. (about Sh122,000 by the current exchange rates). Cuz caught himself going about Nairobi’s Central Business District on his last day in Kenya as he traveled to a meeting with Edwin at Nairobi Cinema a few hours before leaving the country.

“I’ve got something special for Edwin. As you are aware, I accept donations from you to help people like Edwin. It’s not easy to find folks like Edwin, so I appreciate it when I do. I strive to take advantage of every opportunity to offer them the money you send me or donate to me. I’ve amassed quite a sum, so we’ll see what Edwin requires for his business or simply hand him the cash. I’m not sure. “We’ll simply see what works best for him,” Mr. Caz says in the video.

The two gathered for coffee to get rid of the cold while they talked about how Edwin started working at 9 a.m. selling garments, dependent on his tailor who works on his clothes before he can sell them. Edwin was startled to find that Mr. Caz makes movies for a living while traveling the world and that he is truly paid to generate video material.

Following breakfast, the two embarked on a ‘day in the life of Edwin’ video content creation trip to Gikomba, Kenya’s largest open-air second-hand clothing market. Edwin said that he offered denim trousers, jackets, and t-shirts that he tailored for customers. Edwin revealed that he paid a storage facility Sh50 every day.

Throughout the conversation, Edwin came off as a humble guy who wanted nothing more than to make ends meet and enjoy new experiences that he could afford, such as eating hamburgers every day, although he ate it for the first time on Caz’ bill.

Caz was welcomed inside Edwin’s residence in the Gikomba area as well, where they discussed Edwin’s living circumstances and his life before Caz revealed his surprise.

“So, Edwin, I have something to tell you. People send me money through my YouTube channel, so when I meet someone like you, a decent person, a good guy. You never once asked for anything from me, and when I saw you at the market, you told those terrible people who were checking me out, and I saw your expression and I knew you simply wanted to get me out of there because they were like, ‘give me money, give me money.’ So, I’m a little nervous, so on my platform, people send money to me to give to people like you, so I’d like to give you some money to help you out with your business, and your dreams so that you do the things you wish to do,” said Caz.

“Thank you, God bless you,” Edwin said.

Caz then handed out a package of Sh 122,000 to a pleasantly delighted Edwin, who thanked Caz sincerely. He told Caz that he was sent by God since God utilized man to accomplish his purposes.

“I appreciate it, God bless you. I appreciate your assistance, and I will now set about growing my business. “I’ll be better than here, I’ll live better,” Edwin promised Caz’s YouTube followers.

Edwin was also urged not to spend all of his money on girls.