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HomeNewsKNEC Dismisses Claims Nyambaria High School Topped 2023 KCSE

KNEC Dismisses Claims Nyambaria High School Topped 2023 KCSE

KNEC Dismisses Claims Nyambaria High School Topped 2023 KCSE

On Monday, the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) rejected allegations that Nyambaria High School had achieved the highest position in the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams.

KNEC raised concerns about a post stating that the educational institution located in Nyamira County attained an A-grade mean.

As per a widely circulated social media post, the school achieved an average grade of A plain across all subjects. Kenyans shared the post expressing astonishment at the remarkable performance, particularly given the institution’s consistent success in the previous year’s examinations.

A post flagged by KNEC on January 8, 2023

Nyamira County Senator Okong’o Omogeni also extended congratulations to the school for what was purported to be an outstanding performance, as the results were disclosed.

Nyambaria High School gained attention during the exams due to reported misconduct. In November, students expelled exam supervisors, citing excessive and invasive search procedures.

Principal Charles Onyari faced suspension due to purported involvement in exam irregularities.


Nevertheless, even though they disregarded the outcomes, KNEC did not disclose the leading school. Instead, they urged students to verify their results on the portal, results.knec.ac.ke.

After the release of the 2023 KCSE results, educational institutions, pupils, and families nationwide were observed rejoicing over the results.

In the findings, Ezekiel Machogu, the Education Cabinet Secretary, disclosed that 3,685 students out of the total 903,138 registered did not take the exams.

Some 450,675 female and 452,463 male students were registered for the national exams.

Of the students who sat for the exams, 1,216 scored straight As, more than those recorded in 2022. Another 201,133 students scored above C+ (plus), qualifying to join the university.

Additionally, 7,254 students scored A-(minus), 18,078 scored B+, 36,728 attained Bs, 78,343 got C+ while 694,400 scored below C+.

CS Machogu has assured that there will be a 100 percent transition to institutions of higher learning for all students. 

KNEC Dismisses Claims Nyambaria High School Topped 2023 KCSE