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HomeNewsKHRC Condemns Ex-Treasury CS Henry Rotich's Appointment to Ruto Office

KHRC Condemns Ex-Treasury CS Henry Rotich’s Appointment to Ruto Office

KHRC Condemns Ex-Treasury CS Henry Rotich’s Appointment to Ruto Office

The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) and Transparency International Kenya (TI-Kenya) have criticized President William Ruto for his choice to designate former Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich as a financial advisor.

In a collective press release issued on Friday, January 9, Non-Governmental Organizations expressed concern that the choice presented a significant threat to public funds, highlighting Rotich’s prior legal issues.

“Continued appointment of individuals not fully cleared of corruption charges is a mockery of the constitution,” they noted. 

Citing Chapter 6 of the Kenyan Constitution regarding leadership integrity, the organizations accused the President of neglecting laws meant to regulate the country, thereby compromising the safeguarding of citizens’ financial interests.

“The appointing authorities have essentially sent Chapter 6 of the Constitution on leadership and integrity to Coventry by appointing Rotich to a role in the President’s office, hinting that Kenyans can lose up to KSh63 billion without consequences,” the organizations noted

The groups emphasized past instances involving current government officials, such as Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and nine others in a corruption case amounting to Ksh7.3 billion. They also pointed out the involvement of Mary Wambui, the chairperson of the Communications Authority of Kenya, in a Ksh2.2 billion tax evasion case and Aisha Jumwa, the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Action, in a Ksh19 million corruption case.

“It is no wonder it took just 56 days for Rotich to find a new home inside the Office of the President. We ask President Ruto to promptly revoke this appointment with respect to the Constitution,” they noted. 


The joint statement, therefore, recommended that leaders with court cases be fully processed through the criminal justice system to ensure accountability for public funds, as their appointments are jeopardising the country’s future. 

“Rotich, like others who have benefited from the withdrawal of cases and prosecution-abetted acquittals, should be fully processed through the criminal justice,” the statement reads. 

On Thursday, Ruto designated Henry Rotich to provide guidance on economic and public finance management, a role formerly occupied by the present Central Bank Governor, Kamau Thugge.

In 2019, Rotich experienced termination from his position as the Treasury Cabinet Secretary by former President Uhuru Kenyatta. This occurred following his arrest, along with eight others, in connection with a Ksh63 billion Arror and Kimwarer dams case.

The ex-CS was declared not guilty in December of the previous year, as Magistrate Eunice Nyutu determined there was insufficient evidence and dismissed the charges.

“All the accused persons in this case are hereby acquitted under Section 210 due to lack of evidence as a result of the reckless dereliction of duty by the prosecution,” she ruled at the time.

KHRC Condemns Ex-Treasury CS Henry Rotich’s Appointment to Ruto Office