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Key Figures in Kiptum’s Final Moments Nabbed by Authorities

Key Figures in Kiptum’s Final Moments Nabbed by Authorities

Three individuals who were at the residence of the recently deceased World Record holder, Kelvin Kiptum, just days before his demise, have been apprehended.

On Wednesday, February 14, the police apprehended the three individuals in Elgeyo Marakwet and held them temporarily at Kaptagat Police Station until 11 am.

Sub-county Commander Abdullahi Dahir of Keiyo South confirmed the arrests and mentioned that they still needed to apprehend one of the suspects.

He mentioned that the individuals were apprehended at the Kaptagat Police Station and are presently being conveyed to the County Criminal Investigations Officer in Elgeyo Marakwet for additional interrogation.

As per the commander’s statement, the trio was summoned for interrogation, and the police clarified that they had no prior knowledge of the visit until Kiptum’s father spoke with journalists.


In a video observed by Gossipa2z, middle-aged individuals were spotted at the rear of a police van en route to the Elgeyo Marakwet County Commissioner’s office in Iten, where additional inquiries are anticipated to take place.

The authorities have verified that the car used by the four individuals to reach the premises has been seized and is currently under police control.

Furthermore, Kiptum’s additional efforts have led to the identification of the three suspects following their apprehension.

Samson Cheruyoit, the father of Kiptum, mobilized the police to locate the three individuals who, according to him, did not properly identify themselves during their visit to his residence.

The inspection carried out in Chepsamo village, Kaptarakwa ward, Keiyo South Constituency, Elgeyo Marakwet County, just four days before the unfortunate demise of the marathoner, had sparked concerns. The runner’s father had characterized the visit as questionable.

Kiptum tragically lost his life in a car accident when the vehicle he and his coach were traveling in veered off the road and ended up in a ditch. Unfortunately, both Kiptum and his coach succumbed to the incident. On a more hopeful note, a woman who was also in the car managed to survive despite suffering severe injuries.

Key Figures in Kiptum’s Final Moments Nabbed by Authorities