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Kenyans Outraged By Video Of Woman Being Thrown Out Of A Car In Broad Daylight(Video)

Kenyans Outraged By Video Of Woman Being Thrown Out Of A Car In Broad Daylight

A video that circulated widely on Saturday morning, February 17, has raised concerns about the safety of a woman who was recorded being hurled from a Mercedes Benz in broad daylight 

The video captured the co-driver dragging the woman out of the car after the driver pulled over by the roadside. 

Dressed in a short black skirt and a black top, the lady struggled to regain her footing after she was pushed onto the pavement. 

Meanwhile, an unidentified individual stood by, holding the car door as the man assaulted the woman, displaying a seemingly nonchalant attitude.

As the woman lay on the ground attempting to recover, the motorist swiftly returned to his seat and sped away. The unidentified man also maintained his composure and stared at the woman who appeared helpless. 

The video elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans online who questioned the motive behind the motorist’s actions.

“Can’t he drop her off at her home? Why are people so cruel? Anyway, let us respect ourselves. If you have your stuff going on you can’t be treated like this.”

“No justification for such,” read some comments online.


On the other hand, others came to the motorist’s aid and sought to whether the duo was involved in a heated altercation before the incident was captured on camera. 

“It’s a grey area. Ideally, he’d have left her in a safe place but it also seems she has a part to play. Seems she had refused to exit the car,” another user suggested online.

Another motorist also weighed in on the matter, narrating how he was almost jailed for rushing to the rescue of a stranded female stranger. 

“I offered (a lady) a lift from Bomas to town. She said she had ordered a taxi but her phone went off. Upon arrival at Moi Avenue where she was supposed to go, she demanded I pay her or she would shout that I had ‘sexually assaulted’ her,” he claimed.

“I was headed to Muthaiga Police Station. So I locked the doors and told her that we would have a conversation with the Subaru boys next door. She started begging for me to let her out but for learning purposes I let her do some chitchat with the cops until the time I’ll make up my mind,” he further alleged. 

At the time of publishing this article, police officers had not released a statement on the matter.

This recent incident comes at the height of campaigns conducted against rising femicide and gender-based violence cases in the country. Different stakeholders agitated for the safety of women while couples were requested to solve their cases amicably. 

Kenyans Outraged By Video Of Woman Being Thrown Out Of A Car In Broad Daylight