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Kenya Power Restores Power Nationwide

Kenya Power Restores Power Nationwide

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) has made an announcement stating that they have been successful in reinstating the supply of electricity to all parts of the country.

In a press release on Sunday, the KPLC confirmed that the power outage experienced by most regions in the country has been resolved completely.

The statement released by KPLC reads, “We are pleased to inform the public that the power supply has been restored to all areas across the country.”

The power blackout that was experienced by most parts of Kenya on Saturday evening was caused by a “system disturbance,” as claimed by the electricity supplier.

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At 7.52 pm on Saturday, the KPLC declared that they had managed to bring back the power supply to areas including Kisumu, Eldoret, and Nakuru.

Initially, reports had suggested that the Suswa-Loyangalani high-voltage power transmission line had experienced a fault, which caused the power outage.

However, the KPLC’s prompt response and effective restoration of power to all parts of the country is a commendable feat.

The company has worked hard to ensure that electricity is restored to all its customers, ensuring that their daily activities are not disrupted.

In conclusion, the KPLC’s announcement of restoring power supply to all parts of the country is excellent news for its customers.

The company’s swift and effective response to the power outage is a testament to its dedication to serving its customers, and ensuring their satisfaction is of utmost priority.