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HomeNewsKaren Nyamu is set to return to Dubai.

Karen Nyamu is set to return to Dubai.

Karen Nyamu is set to return to Dubai

Nyamu is set to return to Dubai several weeks after the drama with Samidoh and his wife.

Karen Nyamu, Samidoh, and his wife Edday were in the same nightclub when the two ladies got into a fight.

Fans were filmed filming the situation as the nominated senator was dragged off the stage.

The nominated senator was seen dancing on stage before being thrown off by an all-black security team.

Karen Nyamu is set to return to Dubai for a concert almost a month after causing uproar in a Dubai club.

The senator-elect is determined to complete the business that sent her to Dubai in December when she fought in a club with Samidoh’s wife.

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Karen has informed her fans that she will be performing in that city again.

Nyamu wrote on her social media on January 12:

“Dubai I’m ecstatic. See you tomorrow, our beloved Dubai diaspora “.

Nyamu has been in Saudi Arabia with other government officials to discuss issues concerning Kenyans working abroad.

A viral video from Samidoh’s concert in Dubai in December showed her causing chaos.

In the video, Nyamu approaches a table where Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderitu are having drinks and attempts to sit on the singer’s lap.

Edday confronted Nyamu, who was upset. Bodyguards then intervened to calm the situation, escorting Nyamu away from the married couple.

In another video, the UDA Senator can be seen happily dancing to Mugithi music while Samidoh and Akorino singer Karangu Muraya entertain the crowd.

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Samidoh avoids Nyamu at all costs during the performance after finding her way to the main stage. Minutes later, she is abruptly removed from the stage, which irritates her.

The Senator blamed the drama on Alcohol the next morning. She promised to give up drinking.

“Mniombee…hii mapenzi kama itakuwa nifanye drama kila saa nikae kama mimi ndio chizi…Sitaki drama 2023. “Nimeacha pombe,” She says.