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HomeNewsJuliani's Dandora Hip Hop Centre Demolished 

Juliani’s Dandora Hip Hop Centre Demolished 

Juliani’s Dandora Hip Hop Centre Demolished 

Singer Julius Owino, better known as Juliani, has revealed that his initiative, the Dandora Hip Hop Centre, has been demolished as part of the ongoing efforts to reclaim riparian land in Nairobi county.

Juliani expressed his heartbreak over the demolition, emphasizing that despite all his efforts, the government went ahead and destroyed the center, which served as a crucial space for youth and women to develop and showcase their talents.

The singer posted a video showing bulldozers dismantling the two-story building that housed the hub.

“This is not the end, but it hurts so much! Especially since we were planning to expand into the neighboring areas and upgrade the facility,” Juliani commented.

Earlier, he had shared the news about the impending demolition and urged his fans to support him during these difficult times.


“I received word that our community center, Dandora Hip Hop City, is being demolished. The entire two-story building. Yes, it’s near a river. We bought the building over seven years ago,” Juliani stated on Sunday.

The government has been actively reclaiming riparian land and relocating people away from rivers, particularly after recent floods that resulted in hundreds of deaths across the country, many in slum areas.

These demolitions have sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans and leaders. Opposition figures have condemned the actions as barbaric, questioning why the government is focusing solely on informal settlements.

Eugene Wamalwa of Azimio la Umoja on Sunday challenged the government, asking why it is not demolishing buildings in affluent areas of Nairobi, such as Runda, where some homes are also built on riparian land.

Wamalwa accused the government of targeting the poor with these demolitions while sparing the wealthy.

Juliani’s Dandora Hip Hop Centre Demolished