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Inside the Agenda for Kenya Kwanza’s Naivasha Retreat

Inside the Agenda for Kenya Kwanza’s Naivasha Retreat

Leaders of the Kenya Kwanza group are scheduled to participate in their annual two-day retreat in Naivasha, commencing this Sunday.

The retreat is anticipated to commence with a meeting involving the Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries alongside the President, before the participation of parliamentarians on Monday.

Information indicates that one of the primary topics for discussion among the leaders is the candidacy of Raila Odinga for the African Union (AU).

This involves an update regarding Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, who has expressed his candidacy for the position of Chairperson of the African Union.

The declaration by the Azimio leader has sparked varying viewpoints within the Kenya Kwanza administration, as some members support his candidacy while others are against it.

As to certain leaders, supporting Raila’s candidacy would diminish the opposition leader’s participation in the political landscape of Kenya, a prospect that Raila has rejected.

The second item on the retreat’s priority list will be the consideration of the suggestions presented in the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) Report.


The NADCO report suggested changes to the cost of living, called for an examination of the 2022 electoral process and proposed a restructuring of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

Furthermore, it was disclosed that the president intended to utilize the platform to garner backing for the Affordable Housing Levy following its parliamentary vote.

The meeting is anticipated to offer an opportunity for Members of Parliament (MPs) and Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) to address and resolve any conflicts between them, particularly considering that certain individuals have been involved in public disagreements in previous instances.

Nevertheless, in a statement released on Wednesday, the cabinet announced that the retreat would assess the performance of all ministries.

“The retreat is expected to review the performance of all Ministries and State Offices and map out the priorities for the year 2024 that will be codified in the Ministerial Performance Contracts”.

This marks the third retreat organized by Kenya Kwanza, and the initial retreat of the year is anticipated to establish the direction for the administration throughout the year.

Inside the Agenda for Kenya Kwanza’s Naivasha Retreat