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How To Attract (And Hold) A Woman’s Attention!

How To Attract (And Hold) A Woman’s Attention! I have to say that, as a man, the majority of men are lousy flirts.
Are there exceptions to the rule?
Of course.
There always appears to be a dapper Brazilian helicopter pilot nearby who can swoop in and talk about anything when a man is trying to flirt with a girl.
But don’t despair, guys. There is yet hope.
Flirting isn’t the solution if you genuinely want to know how to make a girl like you.
That may seem counterproductive, but persistently chasing a woman will only go you so far.
She’s going to end it if she wasn’t interested in it, to begin with extremely fast.
The key is making her perform an equal portion of the labor.
A female must desire you as much as you desire her.
However, how do you go about doing that?
How do you persuade a woman that she should find you attractive?

Here are seven methods that will get a female to like you if you’re having trouble understanding how to attract women.

1.Be enquiring.

Query her of her own life.
Ask her questions about her life and the things that are significant to her.
Do not act like a stalker, but do show her that you are interested in asking more questions.

2.Have a personal life.

The negative aspect of curiosity is being ready to respond to inquiries about oneself.
Additionally, acting disinterested in your own life is the last thing you want to do if a woman is interested in learning more about you.

Instead of answering with a shrug or “I don’t have anything going on,” be direct.
Have events occurring.
Have interests, passions, and topics you love to discuss.
Make her curious about you by giving her a cause to.

3.Ensure your wellbeing.

Presentation is important.
You don’t have to be the world’s most gorgeous guy.
Women, bless them, have a long history of accepting relationships with men who are less attractive than they are.
But you need to put in some effort if they’re going to ignore your love handles and thinning hair.
Hold excellent hygiene.
Cut your hair.
Don’t wear the same hoodie every day, either.
Prove to her that you are capable of taking care of yourself.

4.Take note of her.

This doesn’t imply you should obnoxiously ogle her till she flinches.
But you do want to show her that you’re listening.
Listen to her if she is telling a narrative, and when necessary, interject with questions.
If she mentions a favorite drink when you’re out with pals, get her one the next time you’re at the bar.
Tell her you to find her intriguing enough to pay attention to her.

5.Let her see your finest side.

What is your best self, consider?
Or when do you behave the way you like yourself the most?
Are you with pals when it happens?
Is that engaging in sports?
Is it going on a hike, volunteering, or just relaxing and watching movies?

You want the woman you’re interested in to see you at your finest whenever it’s possible.

As a result, ask her out with your closest buddies.
Or recommend attending a performance by your preferred band.
Look for opportunities to be your most assured and joyful self in front of her.

6.Make her laugh appropriately.

Although it is a tired cliche, “women adore a sense of humor,” it is true.
If done correctly, being hilarious can be a genuinely appealing trait.

You most certainly don’t want to be mean-spirited in your humor.

Don’t forget to give her your best.
Therefore, it is forbidden to make fun of others or crude jokes.
When making fun of someone, start with yourself.

Make sure she understands that your comedy is tempered with self-awareness and empathy, but, you know…
Laugh a lot, too.

7.Flirt …merely a little.

I know I claimed to flirt wasn’t the solution, but what I meant to say was that it’s not the only solution.
When the opportunity arises, telling a lady that you find her attractive is not necessarily a negative thing.
Keep it informal.
Consider simply praising her. Or say, “Wow, you look wonderful tonight,” to her.

But don’t go overboard; leave it alone.

Offer just enough for her to notice that you think she’s great, but don’t make a big deal out of it to the point where she won’t want to hang out with you again.
She will find a method to express her interest to you if she catches up on the tiny cues you’re giving her.

If she doesn’t, though, then…Not being was not intended.