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HomeNewsHow 4-Year-Old Survived Bandit Attack That Claimed Entire Family

How 4-Year-Old Survived Bandit Attack That Claimed Entire Family

How 4-Year-Old Survived Bandit Attack That Claimed Entire Family

A 4-year-old girl is grateful for an unexpected motorcycle incident that spared her from a deadly fate, following an attack by bandits that claimed the lives of her entire family on the evening of January 9.

The young individual was one of the passengers on the back seat of a motorcycle, accompanied by a rider (believed to be the father). They were unexpectedly attacked by armed individuals while on their way to a graduation ceremony for recently circumcised initiates in Baringo County.

His mother and three-year-old brother, unfortunately, were among the other passengers and did not survive the brutal attack. This incident caught security forces off guard in the region known for its susceptibility to banditry.

When the group was one kilometer from the location, the criminals emerged from their concealment and began shooting at them. Fortunately, the four-year-old girl tumbled off the motorcycle and landed by the side of the road, narrowly avoiding the bullets that were fired.

Subsequently, those passing by and emergency responders who quickly arrived at the location discovered the girl in tears, huddled and still grappling with the enormity of the situation. She was fortunate in one sense, yet deeply saddened by the turn of events.


The members of her family were strewn along the road, surrounded by a pool of blood. The father passed away immediately, and the mother along with her three-year-old brother succumbed to gunshot wounds at a nearby hospital.

Those offering good wishes at the incident transported the girl to her residence, where she received care from her extended relatives.

“We are being sent away with our children. We leave our homes not knowing where we shall go. When you decide to come back to your home you are met with bullets,” one lady lamented.

“In the past, women and children were never targeted in war… these have killed even a child and left one orphaned,” another resident lamented.

On Tuesday, bandits killed two additional individuals in a manner resembling the previous incidents in Natan, Kagir. This has raised the death toll from bandit attacks in January to five.

The individuals with weapons were reported to have set up a trap for the two individuals suspected to be Police Reservists. They fatally attacked them as a form of retaliation for the alleged killing of five members of their gang by the police during a security operation.

Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki addresses a press briefing at Kainuk, Turkana County on March 12, 2023.

How 4-Year-Old Survived Bandit Attack That Claimed Entire Family