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HomeNews"Hexham Schoolgirl Stabbed: Friends Pay Tribute"

“Hexham Schoolgirl Stabbed: Friends Pay Tribute”

“Hexham Schoolgirl Stabbed: Friends Pay Tribute”

Holly Newton, also known as Holly Olivia, 15, was identified as the victim of a tragic stabbing in Hexham, Northumberland, on Friday.

A 15-year-old girl was tragically killed in a stabbing, and friends described her as a “beautiful” girl who loved to dance.

Friends of the 15-year-old, Holly Newton, also known as Holly Olivia, flocked to the scene of the attack in droves throughout the afternoon.

Many people were in tears and hugging in front of the tributes left outside the Halifax bank on Priestpopple in Hexham, Northumberland.

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A 16-year-old boy has been arrested and is being held on suspicion of murder.

Close relatives had come to lay flowers for Holly at the scene.

The teen’s mother left a note that read: “Holly, our baby. Our hearts are breaking right now. We adore you to pieces. I adore Mam and Lee. See you soon, lovely.”

Another note left by her grandmother said: “Never forgotten in any way. You will never be forgotten in our hearts. Nana and Grandpa, we love you.” [sic]

Holly had gone to Queen Elizabeth School in town.

At the time of writing, more than £3,000 had been raised for the family through a GoFundMe page.

“Holly was a beautiful 15-year-old who loved dancing and will be sadly missed,” one friend wrote on the fundraising page.

On Friday, just after 5.10 p.m., police were called to an incident in Hexham town center.

Two people, Holly and another boy aged 16 suffered serious injuries “consistent with having been caused by a bladed article”.

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The 16-year-old boy is still in stable condition in the hospital.

Another 16-year-old boy has been arrested and is being held on suspicion of murder. A murder investigation is currently underway.

According to Northumbria Police, everyone involved knew each other.

“A teenage girl has sadly died, leaving her family completely devastated beyond words,” the force said earlier. Another youngster has been seriously injured.

“Our thoughts are very much with their loved ones at this awful time, and we are supporting them in every way we can.

“We are determined to find out exactly what happened and bring anyone involved to justice. The circumstances surrounding this tragic incident are being thoroughly investigated.

“We have arrested a teenager about the incident and officers remain in the area to carry out a range of inquiries and offer reassurance to the community.

“While our investigation is still in its early stages, we believe all parties involved are acquainted.”

Guy Opperman, MP for Hexham, expressed “horror” that such a tragic incident occurred in the town.

“My thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the families of those involved,” he added.

Hexham’s mayor, Derek Kennedy, stated: “It’s a total tragedy; the town is in complete shock; losing one of our children who attends a local high school is simply horrifying.

“Parents are concerned about their children’s health because they are all members of this community, and schools are concerned that their students are experiencing the pain, suffering, and shock of such a heinous incident.

“We have a very low crime rate in Hexham, and it’s a community that looks out for one another; we were named the happiest place to live in the United Kingdom last year.

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“It’s a very warm and loving community, so when something like this happens, it’s always much more difficult, and it’s knocked everyone for six.

“To happen to such a young person, and the alleged perpetrator to be a young person, in the high street at 5 p.m., is just shocking; everyone is just shocked and struggling to come to terms with it; it will ruin so many lives,” said one witness.

Chief Superintendent Sam Rennison, Area Commander for Northumberland and North Tyneside, stated at a press conference that, while the investigation is still in its early stages, police believe all those involved know each other.

Rennison, Chief Superintendent, states: “We are determined to find out what happened yesterday and bring anyone responsible to justice.

“We recognize the impact these incidents can have on communities, and our officers will remain in the area to conduct a variety of investigations.”

When asked about the impact of the incident on families, Chief Superintendent Rennison stated, “This is a devastating time for the families of these young people, and what is important is that we continue to provide that specialist support and advice from our specially trained officers to ensure that they get through the coming days, weeks, and months.”

The police chief stated that it was an isolated incident.

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“We do not believe there is any additional, broader risk to the community or anyone else,” she said.

“We are treating this as an isolated incident involving people we believe knew each other.”

Rennison, Chief Superintendent, also sent a message to the people of Hexham.

She stated: “We will remain visible in your communities, Hexham residents. We will continue to be there for you.

“Residents’ actions in the town center yesterday demonstrate how close and supportive the community is in times of tragedy.

“We will continue to work with you, and we will be visible in the coming days to provide that reassurance.”