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HomePOLITICSHassan Joho Unveils Presidential Aspirations: Mombasa's Ex-Governor Eyes Top Seat(Video)

Hassan Joho Unveils Presidential Aspirations: Mombasa’s Ex-Governor Eyes Top Seat(Video)

Hassan Joho Unveils Presidential Aspirations: Mombasa’s Ex-Governor Eyes Top Seat

Hassan Joho, the ex-governor of Mombasa, has announced his candidacy for the presidential race in the upcoming 2027 general elections.

The deputy leader of ODM dismissed allegations suggesting his interest in a Mombasa-based position, asserting that he had concluded his involvement in local politics and was currently concentrating on vying for the nation’s highest office.

“People were telling me that in the next general election, I should vie for a local seat, I want to tell them I am done with Mombasa politics I am now focusing on national politics,” he said.

“Who told you that if you are born in Mombasa you cannot become president of the Republic of Kenya? I want to make it clear that I will be in the presidential race come 2027,” Joho said.

Joho addressed the audience in Mombasa after accompanying his ODM party leader Raila Odinga to observe the commencement of Governor Abdulswamad Nassir’s Sh15 million Governor’s Scholarship program.

He mentioned his intention to compete on an ODM ticket, going up against both his party leader and fellow deputy party leader, both of whom are reported to have expressed interest in running under the ODM banner for the 2027 presidential elections.

“We will square it out and find out who will get the party ticket,” said Joho.

The ex-governor, who completed two consecutive terms, mentioned that he engaged in politics from an early stage and has remained steadfast in his allegiance to Raila and the ODM party.

He mentioned that there was no issue with him requesting Raila to endorse him as the party’s presidential candidate.

“Is there anything wrong with me asking our party leader to raise my hand and say Hassan Joho Tosha?” the former governor posed.

Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Nassir expressed that Joho, being in the early stages of his career, possesses a promising and prosperous future.


“You (Joho) are still young and have space to participate in national politics. You have the support of the party and baba (Raila) and you are destined for greater things,” said Nassir.

Raila emphasized that there is no designated position or seat exclusively reserved for him within ODM. He highlighted the party’s democratic nature, asserting that its members play a pivotal role in determining the party leader and presidential candidate.

He mentioned that the party is presently engaged in a countrywide effort to increase its membership and plans to organize local elections in April to choose leaders ranging from the ward level to the national level.

“No one should think that I am automatically the party leader and the presidential candidate. ODM is a democratic party where members decide their leaders,” Raila said.

“No position is reserved for Raila, I am not indispensable.” 

Raila stated that both his deputy party leaders, Joho and former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya, have the right to vie for the position of party leader and can also compete for the party’s nomination in the upcoming 2027 presidential election.

“I am ready to support the person will pick, whether it is Joho or Oparanya. I even told the Wiper Democratic Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka that if the Azimio coalition picks him, I will support him, that is democracy,”

“We have built a strong democratic party with strong independent institutions and structures. I am confident that if I leave the party, I have capable people to take over,” Raila said.

Hassan Joho Unveils Presidential Aspirations: Mombasa’s Ex-Governor Eyes Top Seat