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HomeNewsGovt Pushes Cash in Transit Firms to Purchase Anti-Bullets & Missiles Systems

Govt Pushes Cash in Transit Firms to Purchase Anti-Bullets & Missiles Systems

Govt Pushes Cash in Transit Firms to Purchase Anti-Bullets & Missiles Systems

The government is urging security companies engaged in cash-in-transit operations to adhere to rigorous new regulations recently released by the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA).

In a statement issued this Wednesday, the governing body pledged to address occurrences of money theft during transportation, in response to a robbery in November of the previous year where employees of a security company made off with more than Ksh94 million.

“Remember the story of 94.9 Million heists involving firm employees? With the enactment of the 2024 regulations, incidents of such nature will be a thing of the past,” PSRA noted.


The revised rules offer various provisions for companies engaged in cash transportation, including increased ballistic shielding, satellite tracking, and training for staff involved in transit operations.

Ballistic Protection Level B5 for Cash-in-Transit Vehicles

Ballistic protection at the B5 level is designed to withstand gunfire from assault rifles using ammunition of either 5.56mm or 7.62mm caliber, such as those fired by AK-47 rifles.

A Sterile Loading and Unloading Facility

Controlled environments, where goods can be moved between areas, often need to be kept clean to uphold the quality and safety standards of the goods involved, such as cash.

Real-Time Satellite Monitoring

Live satellites facilitate companies in accurately determining the precise whereabouts of their vehicles and resources, while also issuing notifications for any unauthorized stops or deviations.

Accessing the vault can be done either on-site or off-site through the central monitoring station.

To avoid occurrences like the cash-in-transit robbery witnessed last November, companies are recommended to utilize a centralized monitoring facility to mitigate risks and minimize vulnerability to potential security hazards.

Comprehensive Insurance for All Cash and All Valuables in Transit

As a component of risk management tactics, companies must obtain insurance to adhere to regulations, mitigate risks, safeguard the overall business, and protect assets in the event of loss.

Rigorous Training of Cash-in-Transit Personnel

Workers entrusted with assets, funds, and valuable items need thorough training to ensure they provide adequate security during transportation and demonstrate professionalism and integrity during their duties.

In November of the previous year, four workers from a financial establishment were apprehended for embezzling Ksh94 million from a transit vehicle. They had picked up the funds from a supermarket for deposit at a bank in Nairobi’s CBD while on their official duty.

“Today’s arrest brings to eight the total number of suspects arrested so far in the daring robbery, following the arrest of four others a few days ago and the recovery of over Sh9 million in a jerrycan at a house in Roysambu,” police had confirmed at the time.

Govt Pushes Cash in Transit Firms to Purchase Anti-Bullets & Missiles Systems