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HomeNewsGachagua Vows to File Petition to Remove Justice Esther Maina on Thursday

Gachagua Vows to File Petition to Remove Justice Esther Maina on Thursday

Gachagua Vows to File Petition to Remove Justice Esther Maina on Thursday

On Sunday, January 14, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua declared his intention to submit a petition to Chief Justice Martha Koome on Thursday of the upcoming week. The petition aims to seek the removal of Justice Esther Maina, citing allegations of misconduct and corruption.

Gachagua disclosed his intention to pursue legal action against Justice Maina for publicly stating that the money he possesses is derived from criminal activities, without allowing him to present his side of the story.

“I will lead by example on Thursday this coming week. I will personally present a petition before CJ Koome against Justice Esther Maina for her removal from the Judiciary for misconduct and corruption. She declared my hard-earned wealth as proceeds of crime without allowing me to be heard”, DP Gachagua.

Addressing a congregation in Iten, Elgeyo Marakwet, the Deputy President persistently criticized the Judiciary as part of Kenya Kwanza’s campaign, asserting that the governmental branch is tainted by corruption and has neglected to address the evidence presented, purportedly indicating corruption within its senior officials.

DP Gachagua speaking at a Church in Karatina Nyeri County on December 24, 2023

“We would like to ask CJ Koome how many complaints have been filed against judicial officers, how many she has dealt with, and what is the timeline to conclude those petitions she has challenged us to give evidence”, Gachagua stated.

He additionally encouraged Kenyans to unite with him and submit additional petitions if they had comparable grievances against the judiciary.

At the political gathering, numerous leaders from the Kenya Kwanza faction, including President William Ruto, exerted pressure on the Judiciary, perpetuating a pattern that poses a risk of triggering a political crisis in the nation.

Gachagua vs Maina

DP Gachagua has publicly stated that during the lead-up to the 2022 general election, he faced persecution from the administration of former President Uhuru Kenyatta due to his association with current President William Ruto.

During that period, Uhuru endorsed opposition leader Raila Odinga for the highest position, whereas Gachagua, his former personal assistant, was a staunch supporter of Ruto.

Detectives from the DCI allegedly raided his residence and forcefully awakened him, with his wife and children witnessing the incident.

Likewise, Justice Esther Maina declared in July 2022 that a sum of Ksh202 million linked to the Deputy President had been acquired from government entities. However, there was no substantiating evidence indicating that Gachagua had provided any goods or services to the government. As a result, the judge determined that the funds were derived from criminal activities.

The funds that were placed in Rafiki Microfinance Bank were divided among three accounts, with one of them containing Ksh165 million.


According to the reports, the second account contained Ksh35 million, and Ksh773,228 had been credited to a third account.

Likewise, officials confiscated a sum of Ksh1.1 million found in a fourth account registered under the name Jenne Enterprises, purportedly linked to an associate of Gachagua.

Nevertheless, in February 2023, a Nairobi Court returned the funds to Gachagua, stating that he had provided sufficient evidence to justify the unfreezing of the accounts.

“The money forfeited to the state six months ago was not proceeds of crime and the Deputy President has explained the source and legitimacy of the said money to satisfaction,” The Asset Recovery Agency (ARA) noted.

Gachagua Vows to File Petition to Remove Justice Esther Maina on Thursday