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FRIEND IS CHEATING. The difficulty of harboring another person’s secret is examined in Emily in Paris.

There are Season 3 spoilers for Emily in Paris below. 

Sometimes sharing secrets with pals is enjoyable, but when the secret is something you wish you’d never known, it’s a different story. 

Emily Cooper enters a rooftop in Season 3, Episode 5 of Emily in Paris to witness her friend Camille kissing an artist by the name of Sophia. 

Gabriel, Emily’s downstairs neighbor, ex-fling, and close friend, is Camille’s monogamous partner. 

Emily discovers her acquaintance is lying entirely by chance… 

What then should she do?


In the heat of the moment, Emily freaks out and runs away, saying she never saw a kiss. 

But as the season progresses, it becomes clear that this revelation affects her greatly, particularly after Gabriel and Camille become engaged. 

This secret might be something Emily continues throughout upcoming seasons of the program even though they don’t get married (Camille leaves the altar). 

Will she ever divulge her knowledge to Gabriel? 

What will he think if she does, given how long she kept it a secret from him?

Therapists contend that there is no one “correct approach” to handle such a circumstance. 

When you learn your friend is cheating, whether, through their disclosure or an accident like Emily’s, it can make you feel like you’re complicit even when you’re not.

According to Gabrielle Morse, LMHC, “knowing about adultery can feel weighty and uncomfortable because it makes you feel complicit.” 

As Emily is with Gabriel, there is an added strain of feeling like you are betraying another person you care about if you are also close with the person your friend is dating.

Experts advise recognizing that you have no control over the final result. 

Since you can’t persuade someone to change their behavior until they are eager and ready, there is a sense of helplessness in this situation, according to Morse. 

Even though you feel understandably guilty for maintaining your friend’s secret, you are not to blame for their conduct.

Should You Challenge Your Friend’s Cheating?

When Emily informs Mindy, her best friend, Mindy advises staying out of it as she is aware of Camille’s relationship. 

She jokes, alluding to Emily’s relationship with Gabriel in Season 1, “You’re already accountable for splitting up Cami and Gabrielle once.” 

She thinks Emily should just mind her own business.

Is this always the best course of action, or is it ever worthwhile to talk to your friend about something? 

It depends on the circumstance, according to Nicole Richardson, a family and relationship therapist. 

As Richardson explains to Elite Daily, “If you know that this individual struggles to accept critique, they probably will not be interested in addressing this with you and will likely shut down immediately.” 

But if this relationship seems out of character for this individual, it could be a good time for your friend to discuss it. Straying off course and departing from their principles.”

Your prior relationship is an important, short version. 

No matter how you go about talking, be aware that it will probably be difficult. 

Morse advises thinking about the following issues before taking action: “Is this my business? 

What are the benefits and drawbacks of starting a business? 

What results do I anticipate from this? 

FRIEND IS CHEATING. What are the likely results of the talk if I bring it up to my friend?

Even if you’re unhappy, when you speak to your friend, take care not to appear judgmental. 

Avoid beginning questions with “why,” advises Richardson. 

“‘Why’ compels people to defend right away. 

Use phrases like “help me understand” or “what happened when” instead. 

Try to begin with attentiveness and comprehension.” 

This does not suggest that you must agree with their actions; rather, you are simply opening the door for them to explain their motivations.

What Happens If Your Friend’s Behavior Doesn’t Change?

In Emily’s situation, she approaches Camille and informs her that she is aware of her affair in Episode 10. 

Emily is indirectly threatened by Camille to keep her information to herself as she dismisses her liaisons with Sophia as a “fling.” 

We stay close because of our secrets, she claims. 

Just like you and Gabriel, it’s over, right? 

Gabriel and Emily had a relationship in Season 1 when he was dating Camille, so the three of them have a somewhat complicated past.

If like Camille, a buddy avoids interacting with you, Morse advises that setting a limit is entirely acceptable. 

She adds, “You can set a boundary stating that you don’t want to know this information and won’t talk about it and be honest about your discomfort

Although you cannot force someone to engage in something that is their decision, you can decide not to participate further.

Richardson agrees, saying that if the circumstance is affecting you negatively, it’s acceptable to reevaluate your relationship. 

Consider giving your friend the chance to make things right if you notice that they are sorry and want to do so, the author advises. 

On the other hand, it’s crucial to reevaluate your connection if they don’t care about offending other people.

What is unclear future seasons will reveal how Emily and Camille’s friendship will develop, but for now, they are in a precarious position. 

Emily must choose whether she should prioritize this relationship over her feelings regarding the adultery, or whether she should take a step back to protect her mental well-being. 

Things will only get more problematic from here, given Camille’s unexpected pregnancy, which Gabriel announces to Emily at the very end of the season.