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According to Paul Burrell, Harry was made to feel less important than William as a child by receiving fewer sausages at breakfast.

PRINCESS Diana’s butler has revealed that as a child, Harry was made to feel less important than William by receiving fewer sausages at breakfast.

Paul Burrell, 64, recalled a displeased Harry saying, “How come he gets three?”

“William needs filling up more than you,” a nanny said. He’ll become king one day.”

According to Paul Burrell, Harry was made to feel less important than William as a child by receiving fewer sausages at breakfast.
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Paul recalled the incident and said he could see how the brothers’ early rivalry played out at times.

“When I look back now, I think maybe I was glimpsing the dynamic at play,” Paul told

“I once saw the nanny give William three sausages for breakfast while Harry only had two.

“And Harry would look at his plate and wonder how he got three? And I’m only getting two.”

“Harry would fall quiet and suck it up,” Paul recalled the nanny’s remark, adding, “but that’s what he had to contend with, even in his own home.”

Paul believes Harry’s unjustified attacks on the Royal Family stem from his childhood experience of being second in line to the throne and destined to be king.

While Paul claims to have witnessed a deep bond of brotherhood between the two as children, he now sees Harry harboring a venomous resentment towards his brother and the institution that elevated William above him.

“They were equal in their mother’s eyes,” Paul continued.

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“The princess lavished attention on them both.

“However, I can see that Harry struggled to live up to William’s standard.”

“Diana begged Charles not to send Harry to Eton because she was afraid her son would struggle at the school in the shadow of his brother.”

“However, Diana’s plea fell on deaf ears.

“He attended Eton and endured the humiliation of being constantly compared to William.

“I lost the plot.'”

“How can you compete with William, who is smarter than Harry and will be king one day?”

Paul predicted that Harry would solve the problem by playing the louder, more boisterous brother.

“William would be measured and stoic, sort of taking everything in,” he added. Harry, on the other hand. He had to be the clown to be noticed.

“And often I’d hear the princess shout across the room, ‘Shhhh, Harry, be quiet’.

“And I’ve heard those words in recent days. Harry needs to be quiet and pipe down.”

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Paul also recalled a young William being upset about something and, in a childish outburst, declaring that he did not want to be king.

“Harry piped up to say he’d do it instead,” the butler said. ‘That’d be funny,’ Diana laughed. You’d be a good King Harry’.

From 1589 to 1610, Henry IV of France was known as “Good King Henry” for bringing prosperity and unity to the country.

While Paul understands Harry’s feelings of envy as a child, he believes the Duke, 38, has gone too far in his attacks on his family.

He accused Harry of “double standards”, saying he had “lost the plot”.

“I don’t recognize him anymore,” he added.

“He’s hurt and angry about being ‘the spare,’ so he’s lashing out from there.”

Diana referred to Paul as “her rock” and he served her for ten years until her death in 1997.

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Their only selling point is their royal status, so remove it and no one will want to know them.

He claims Harry is attempting to destabilize the monarchy, which he claims Di never intended.

“It’s sad and foolish,” he added.

“He’s lobbying in all these resentment-filled grenades and hurting a lot of people in the process.

“I know The Queen was upset in the months leading up to her death, and she was concerned about accusations coming her way across the Atlantic.”

Diana would be “appalled” at her son’s attacks on the monarchy, particularly William, and enraged to learn Harry had used drugs, as he admits in his book.

Speaking in Florida, Paul expressed concern that Harry’s bleating “will never stop,” and that he and Meghan should be stripped of their royal titles immediately.

“Their only USP is being royal,” he said, “so take away their royal status and nobody wants to know them.”