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HomeNewsExplosive Truth: How Driver's Greed Sparked Embakasi Inferno

Explosive Truth: How Driver’s Greed Sparked Embakasi Inferno

Explosive Truth: How Driver’s Greed Sparked Embakasi Inferno

Gossipa2z can confidently confirm that the gas blast in the Mradi vicinity of Embakasi, Nairobi County, occurred due to the avarice of the truck driver transporting gas and dishonest merchants engaging in the illicit sale of gas.

A firsthand account from a key witness to the illegal trade preceding the chaotic events has disclosed that it was a routine for drivers to replenish gas cylinders for traders and locals during nighttime, considering it a necessary yet perilous undertaking.

A video recorded by a Mradi area resident depicts the moments leading up to the gas explosion. In the footage, anxious residents can be heard urgently urging drivers to steer clear of the vicinity due to the pervasive gas fumes in the air.

Shortly after, the sound of an explosion resonates, and flames spread from one residence to another while firefighters exert considerable effort to bring it under control.

Leaving a path of devastation, fatalities, and casualties in its wake; seven individuals have lost their lives, and over 250 others are currently recovering from injuries.

How did this occur on a property where authorities from the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) had dismantled structures three times and refused to grant the owner a license to run a gas plant the previous year?

“Hiyo gari ya gas iliingia kitu kama 10:20pm hapo juu hiyo ndio masaa watu hufunga job, wakati ilifika kwa gate ikafunguliwa na soldier ikaingia ndani…Kuingia ndani, driver kuna ile tabia huwa wako nayo wanakuja nje kutafuta watu wako na mitungi ya gas kujaziwa…especially walikuwa wanaendea wale wanauza za retails na kwa mahoteli hivi…wale watu wanajua wanatumia gas sana,” recalled the witness.

“A few traders who are used to buying gas directly from the truck drivers as opposed to the companies, which is more expensive, took their gas cylinders to be filled by the truck driver. The source says he counted more than 10 cylinders being taken inside the company.

“Ika happen amepata watu wa kuwekea gas mitungi ikawekwa huko ndani, so wakati mitungi iliwekwa huko ndani akaanza kujaza, me sikuwa hapo but already nilikuwa nimeona movement,” he said.

Nevertheless, after ten minutes, residents became aware that something was wrong.


“Kutoka nje, nilipata hiyo gas imesambaa kila mahali…ukitoka nje ukijigusa unaona ni kama mist, unaona vile hiyo gas inatembea kama mawingu. Kitu ya kwanza niliambia watu tutoke twende kwa sababu vile tumeinhale italeta shida,” he added.

The driver allegedly encountered challenges while attempting to seal the valve he had opened to replenish the cylinders. He managed to escape, warning the traders to evacuate promptly, as the area was at risk of being consumed by fire.

“Huyo driver wakati alitoa hiyo gas ni kama alishindwa kulock hiyo tanker, akitoka kwa kampuni ndani nilimwona akitoka nje alikuwa anableed akiambia watu hii nimejaribu kwa uwezo wangu imenishinda na naona itakuwa disaster hapa, hivyo aliongea hivyo ndio alienda,” he stated.

Our informant has pinpointed the driver as Robert Gitau Murithi, a resident currently being pursued by detectives.

Additional individuals under investigation include Stephen Kilonzo, the site manager believed to have been aware of the illicit activities, and Abraham Mwangi, the owner of the unfortunate truck. The truck, which ignited and soared over 500 meters before crashing into a house, still awaits removal of its wreckage a week later.

“Kuna wakati walikuwa wanapark hizo magari kwa barabara unaskia harufu ya gas sana, tulikuwa tunaleta shida tunasema wapeleke hizo magari chini wasituchome, most tulikuwa tunawaambia msituletee mambo ya Sachangwan hapa,” he witness noted.

Insiders involved in the investigations have conveyed to Gossipa2z that they are monitoring the journey of the truck that departed Tanzania through the Loitoktok border on January 26 and reached Nairobi on February 1, 2024, after five days.

Up to this point, four individuals, including Derick Kimathi, the proprietor of the location where the incident took place, have been formally charged. Derick Kimathi will be held in police custody for 21 days as the investigation progresses.

Three NEMA officials, namely David Ongare, Joseph Makau, and Maryian Kioko, have been temporarily suspended.

Explosive Truth: How Driver’s Greed Sparked Embakasi Inferno