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Esther Passaris’s 9-Minute Praise to Finance Bill & Ruto’s Work Ethic Sparks Debate

Esther Passaris’s 9-Minute Praise to Finance Bill & Ruto’s Work Ethic Sparks Debate

Nairobi’s Woman Representative, Esther Passaris, commended President William Ruto’s governance style and dedication to serving the populace on Wednesday, May 15.

In a video spanning nine minutes, circulated across her social media channels, Passaris questioned the motives behind accusations labeling her as a spy within the Azimio coalition.

Despite her allegiance to Azimio, Passaris reiterated her commitment to supporting President Ruto’s administration, asserting that her affiliation did not necessitate animosity towards Ruto. She emphasized her admiration for Ruto and dismissed concerns about others’ opinions.

“I’m in Azimio, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate Ruto. Your opinions don’t faze me. My allegiance to Azimio doesn’t imply hostility towards Ruto. I harbor no ill will towards anyone. I hold the president in high regard and appreciate his dedication to public service,” she asserted.

While acknowledging Ruto’s imperfections, Passaris highlighted aspects of his leadership that resonate with her. She cautioned against issuing threats, asserting that such behavior would result in blocking individuals, especially those who might not have supported her candidacy yet make hostile remarks.


Specifically, Passaris pledged her support for the Finance Bill 2024, currently undergoing public participation and slated for discussion in Parliament. This bill will allow MPs to vote either for or against it.

Passaris emphasized the necessity of funding for implementing the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) model, despite reservations about certain provisions within the Finance Bill.

While acknowledging her reservations about certain aspects of the Finance Bill, Passaris stated her intent to vote in favor of it. She emphasized the government’s need for financial resources to sustain its operations, especially in addressing the needs of struggling constituents, such as education, housing, and infrastructure.

She expressed her hope for a balanced approach that doesn’t exacerbate the hardships faced by citizens. Passaris urged citizens to take responsibility for their tax obligations, emphasizing the role of taxes in fostering national independence and urging the government to explore alternative revenue streams.

Esther Passaris’s 9-Minute Praise to Finance Bill & Ruto’s Work Ethic Sparks Debate