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HomeNewsDP Gachagua Promises 40% Salary Rise for Police Officers

DP Gachagua Promises 40% Salary Rise for Police Officers

DP Gachagua Promises 40% Salary Rise for Police Officers

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has assured that police personnel nationwide will be granted a 40 percent raise in their salaries.

Speaking to a gathering in Kirinyaga, the Deputy President called upon law enforcement to contribute to the community by delivering quality services.

“We are going to increase the salaries of the police by 40%, but I urge them to give back to society by doing the right thing,” the Deputy President stated.

Gachagua additionally warned that officers caught collaborating with offenders, such as producers of illegal alcohol, would face dismissal, emphasizing that they would now be taken to court instead of undergoing the traditional disciplinary actions within the police force.

To eradicate the drug problem, the Deputy President highlighted plans to deploy additional security personnel in Kirinyaga, aiming to intensify efforts against the production and distribution of illegal alcoholic beverages.

“Illicit brews are thriving because the officers are busy taking bribes. Had President William Ruto and I not intervened, the entire generation in this region would have been wiped out by poisonous alcohol in ten years,” he stated. 

“Traders using shortcuts to enrich themselves through poisonous alcohol must know that their days are numbered. We, however, have no problem with legitimate alcohol,” Gachagua stated. 

Gachagua also mentioned that the Kirinyaga County Commissioner, County Police Commander, County Director of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, and the County Administration Police Commander were instructed to go back to Nairobi for investigations following the deaths of 13 individuals due to the consumption of illegal alcohol.


Gachagua took the initiative to call upon the area chief and assistant chief by involving the Judiciary. He urged them to refrain from issuing orders that prevent the apprehension and legal action against unscrupulous traders engaged in illegal activities, specifically those seeking quick wealth through the sale of illicit brews.

“Chief Justice Martha Koome, how come all traders of illicit brews are getting orders to continue selling the poisonous brews? To the Judges and the Chief Justice, what will you tell Kenyans? Judges should be patriotic and reasonable. How can you apply the law to the detriment of the people,” he remarked.

Since 2023, the Deputy President has been at the forefront of combating illegal alcoholic beverages, as well as addressing issues related to drug and substance abuse nationwide. This has involved bringing together various stakeholders in different regions and collaborating with various agencies.

On February 6, 13 people died after allegedly consuming expired alcohol dubbed “California” in Kangai Village, Mwea in Kirinyaga County.

Enraged locals later in the day decided to take matters into their own hands and set fire to the establishment that had distributed the lethal drink to the victims.

DP Gachagua Promises 40% Salary Rise for Police Officers